Preventative Maintenance
Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance from Warren CAT

preventative-maintanceOne common excuse for not performing preventative maintenance is that it takes too much time and costs too much money. What we always tell our customers here at Warren CAT is that, while there’s a cost to preventative maintenance, what’s the cost to your business if your equipment fails in the middle of a job? The cost and time required for emergency repairs or equipment replacement can quickly eat up any savings you’ve made skipping out of a regular maintenance program. Preventive Maintenance Plans, an important element of the Warren CAT Condition Monitoring program, can keep your machines on the job site instead of in the repair shop.

Equipment failure can also cause safety concerns for your crews operating the equipment or on the ground.

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Your Cat® equipment is designed for high-performance and durability. Cat is known around the world as a leading manufacturer of top-quality construction, mining, agricultural and other heavy industry equipment. As with any machine, regular inspection, service and maintenance is required to keep it in tip-top shape and ready for work when you need it.

Getting behind in your preventative maintenance means increasing the chance that something goes wrong. When that happens, your budget and planning suffer and you may struggle to meet your deadlines.

There’s No Such Thing as Luck in This Business

Equipment maintenance shouldn’t be an afterthought. At Warren CAT, we encourage all of our customers to follow our Cat equipment maintenance programs. Uniquely designed for each type of equipment, our preventative maintenance programs cover all of the critical features and functions of your Cat equipment, including:

  • Oil and fluid changes: Clean fluids in your engine, hydraulic circuits, brakes and radiator circuit keep wear to a minimum and ensure your systems are operating at the right temperatures, pressures and lubrication levels. Remember to change any filters as well, every time you change your fluids.
  • Electrical system: Verification and service to your equipment’s electric system can include replacing bulbs and fuses, fixing loose or broken wires and installing a new battery if required. An electrical failure can be hard to locate and repair in the field, so preventative maintenance can help you avoid costly breakdowns.
  • Tires and tracks: Different Cat equipment has different wheels or tracks, depending on the nature and use of the equipment. Wear to tires, hubs, bearings, tracks, gears and linkages can all be detected and corrected as part of a comprehensive preventative maintenance program.
  • Safety-related items: Not only do you want your equipment to give you full performance and reliability, but you also want to ensure the safety of your crews on your work sites. Any faulty safety equipment (such as seatbelts, horns, lights and alarms) should be checked and repaired on a regular basis.


Regular Inspections: The Key to Effective Preventive Maintenance

The best way to spot potential signs of trouble with your equipment is to perform regular visual inspections. With a Warren CAT Preventive Maintenance Plan, our experts will perform these critical inspections on a regular basis. Our inspection process includes walk-arounds, performing basic preventive maintenance tasks and conducting technical analysis of your equipment.

Advantages of Preventive Maintenance Plans

Our Preventive Maintenance Plans allow you to transfer the responsibility of maintenance to Warren CAT, giving you one less thing to worry about. You’ll also gain the benefit of service by trained technicians who possess intimate knowledge of all types of heavy equipment.

A Preventive Maintenance Plan can pay immediate dividends for your operation by eliminating small problems before they can escalate. It’s the simple and affordable way to ensure the long-term health of your equipment.

Caterpillar® Preventative Maintenance from Warren CAT

Establishing a preventative maintenance plan may sound like a lot of work, but it isn’t when you take advantage of our experience here at Warren CAT. We have standard Cat procedures for the preventative maintenance of each type of Cat equipment.

Contact our experts today and we’ll tell you more about the preventative maintenance your equipment requires and help you create a program that gives you peace of mind and maintains the reliability and value of your Cat equipment. Don’t leave anything up to chance: start a maintenance program today!

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