Repair Options Programs

Cat® Equipment Repair Options in West Texas and Oklahoma

As a Cat machine owner, you know the engine and drive train are critical to productivity and have a major impact on ownership and operating costs. Making sure they are working at peak performance is important not only to your equipment, but to your entire operation.

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Cat Machines Qualified for Tailored Repairs

980H/K Wheel Loaders

Download the 980H/K Differential Repair Options Brochure
Download the 980H/K Engine Repair Options Brochure
Download the 980H/K Transmission Repair Options Brochure

140H Motor Graders

Download the 140H Diff Bevel Gear Repair Options Brochure
Download the 140H Transmission Repair Options Brochure

D6R and D6T Dozers

Download the D6R/T Engine Repair Options Brochure
Download the D6R/T Final Drive Repair Options Brochure

Tailored repair options: What are they, and why are they important?

Tailored repairs are developed based on your specific equipment needs and unique business circumstances. You can get a lot of life out of your genuine Cat parts as they are built to be rebuilt. By taking advantage of their reusability, you can maximize the life and value of your machines.

We will walk you through a series of questions to determine four factors that will help you decide on a repair option: length of ownership, utilization, affordability and turnaround time. From there, you can make an informed decision based on what’s best for your business.

It’s important to repair components before they fail because repairing them after failure can cost anywhere from two to three times more. Click below to learn more about rebuilding vs replacing your equipment.


Repair Options Levels

Level 1: Minor Overhaul

  • Includes bearings, seals and gaskets
  • Assumes all multiple-life parts meet Caterpillar reuse guidelines
  • Excludes external parts, including injectors, turbos, exhaust, electrical, electronics and accessories

Level 2: Major Overhaul

  • Includes all Level 1 parts
  • Reconditions or replaces other critical parts not meeting Caterpillar reuse guidelines
  • Customer can specify additional parts or accessories

Level 3: Dealer Rebuild

  • Complete rebuild including all Level 1 parts
  • All multiple-life parts are inspected and reconditioned, replaced or reused according to Caterpillar salvage and reuse guidelines
  • Includes Dealer Exchange and Certified Machine Component Rebuilds (CMCR)

Level 4: Reman

  • Complete component exchange with Cat Reman factory remanufactured component
  • Core charge refund based on condition of core
  • Offers same warranty and durability as a new component

Level 5: New

  • Complete component replacement with factory new Cat component
  • No core required
  • Note: In certain cases, U.S. environmental laws require the return (and destruction) of old engines

Equipment Repair Services You Can Rely on From the People You Know

You’ve invested your resources into your Cat fleet, so trust your authorized Cat dealership for repairs. Warren CAT offers you peace of mind with a highly qualified team, comprehensive field and shop service and maintenance capabilities, and the largest available inventory of Cat parts in West Texas and Oklahoma.


Our team provides expert repair services, including:


Our teams work where you do. Warren CAT has numerous locations throughout Texas and Oklahoma with the technicians, tools, training and technology to get your heavy equipment up and running as quickly and reliably as possible. Plus, we have a fleet of field service trucks to come to your job site and make repairs in the field, saving you time. Receiving service is as simple as visiting your local Warren CAT location, calling 866-292-7736 or requesting help online.

Regardless of which option works best for you, you’ll get the same first-class service and support from our technicians.

Parts Access

Timely repairs depend on having the right parts when needed so you can get your machines back to productivity sooner.

Warren CAT carries an extensive parts inventory to support reduced downtime and quicker machine repairs and maintenance, including Cat filters, fluids, and hoses and couplings. Choose from new genuine Cat parts, or opt for remanufactured components to maximize your budget. Our parts team can help you locate the ideal part for your specific machine and price point.

We also offer numerous access options, from convenient drop boxes to daily parts delivery, and you can order online 24/7. What we don’t have in stock, we can typically get within 24 hours from over 1 million parts available at


Warren CAT has the market’s most qualified team of Cat machine service and tailored repair specialists. Our technicians undergo continuous training to ensure we’re providing high-quality support for your success. Expect your Warren CAT representative to provide you with advice and expertise that only years of in-depth experience can deliver.

Customer Value Agreements

No matter your equipment’s age or application, we can give you extra peace of mind with Cat Customer Value Agreements (CVAs). These flexible, scalable plans help you extend your asset’s life span with an individualized strategy for equipment management. In turn, you’ll reduce potential downtime, boost productivity and increase resale value.

Contact Warren CAT to Discuss Your Options

Our team is here to help, just like it’s been since 1985. We’ll make recommendations based on our in-depth knowledge and understanding of your industry, your Cat equipment and your service needs.

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