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Warren CAT Rental Power can support your operations during power failures, seasonal heat waves or production peaks, maintenance shutdowns, and other short-term needs such as keeping staff cool in a temporary location or thawing frozen ground to begin a construction project. Cat® temperature-control equipment includes mobile air conditioners to 90 tons, air-cooled liquid chillers to 450 tons, cooling towers and brine chillers for freezers and sensitive processes. Everything is designed for fast delivery and quick connection.

For immediate assistance with temperature control rentals, contact us online or call 866-292-7736.

Rent from the Temperature Control Experts

Our highly-trained technicians have installed numerous temperature control systems for a wide range of applications including electronics manufacturing, food and beverage packaging, pharmaceuticals, jacketed reactor cooling, turbine dense air injection, blast furnace cooling, tent air conditioning for special events, and many more.

The Rental Power experts at Warren CAT can help you with assessing your needs, calculating your cooling load, selecting the right equipment and then deliver, install, start up and test the equipment on site. Our temperature control rentals are complete turnkey solutions that arrive in full working condition and come complete with all necessary ancillary equipment, including: cooling towers, air handlers, heat exchangers, ductwork, diffusers, pumps, hoses and valves.

Additionally, the Warren CAT Rental Power service technicians will perform all scheduled maintenance for as long as your temperature control rental equipment is on site. And if your rental equipment requires service, our highly-skilled service team can be available within 24 hours, or even faster for emergencies.