Cat® Exchange Parts and Components

Same-As-New Performance

Warren CAT Exchange Parts are available off-the-shelf and ready for immediate installation. These parts can be an economical alternative to purchasing Cat Reman Parts and are a great option for rebuilds, offering same-as-new performance and reliability at a lower cost.

Our Exchange Parts cover all major components, including components for standard powertrains, for a wide variety of equipment including (but not limited to) wheel loaders, dozers, haul trucks and motor graders.

Warren CAT expert technicians thoroughly rebuild parts and components back to their original condition. Every rebuilt part undergoes rigorous testing to meet strict Caterpillar Reusability Guidelines and ensure performance will meet your expectations.

Benefits of Warren CAT Exchange Components in OK & TX

Among the many benefits of Exchange Parts offered by Warren CAT, you can count on these parts to:

  • Reduce downtime so your equipment is back to work fast!
  • Meet rigorous quality benchmarks, remanufactured to Caterpillar specifications using the latest technology and tested to ensure proper operation.
  • Enable Warren CAT technicians to complete repair jobs more quickly, only incurring time to remove and install components, saving you money in the process.
  • Carry an excellent warranty from Caterpillar and Warren CAT to protect your investment.

Additionally, Exchange Parts also provide you with:

  • CONVENIENCE. Exchange is an additional repair option that is available throughout our Warren CAT territory.
  • VALUE. Exchange Parts give you same-as-new performance and support at a reduced price.
  • UPTIME. Exchange Components allow faster turnaround time for major repairs.

Order your Exchange Parts now at any of our Warren CAT locations, find them online, or work with a Warren CAT Parts representative to help you find the best solution for your fleet and equipment. Call 866-292-7736 or contact us online.

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