Backhoe Loader Rentals

Backhoe Rentals In OK & TX

Rental Equipment

420F2/420F2 IT Backhoe Loader

Net Power - SAE J1349
93 HP
Dig Depth - Standard
14.3 ft
Operating Weight - Maximum
24251 lb

414E IL Skip Loader

416F2 Backhoe Loader

Net Power - SAE J1349
87 HP
Dig Depth - Standard
14.3 ft
Operating Weight - Maximum
24251 lb

Cat® Backhoe Rentals

A backhoe is one of the most versatile and valuable machines at any job site. Use it for digging holes or trenches, backfilling, loading and other essential material handling tasks. If you're looking to rent a backhoe in Oklahoma, West Texas or the Texas Panhandle, the Warren CAT Rental Store has the right machine for the job.

A Wide Selection of Cat Backhoes

Caterpillar is the most well-known and respected global heavy equipment manufacturer. As an authorized Cat dealer, Warren CAT is your one-stop headquarters for various backhoe rentals that deliver reliable results in applications like general construction, road maintenance, demolition, and oil and gas pad preparation. Choose a machine with the precise combination of power and digging depth that meets your requirements.

You'll also find multiple attachments that enhance the rental's versatility and functionality. Our knowledgeable equipment experts can help you make the right match for your company's applications.

The benefits of a Cat backhoe rental include:

  • Fuel-efficient Cat ACERT engines that deliver substantial power and torque
  • Comfortable cabs with ergonomically designed controls that make the machine easy to operate
  • Numerous advanced safety features to protect operators and crews on the ground
  • An excavator-style boom for enhanced digging capabilities
  • Advanced single-tilt loader linkages for more efficient loading and backfilling

The knowledgeable Warren CAT rental specialists will help you explore our available backhoe options and make an informed choice. Your equipment will perform to your expectations and allow you to complete projects faster and more efficiently.

Why Make Us Your Backhoe Rental Source?

Partnering with the Warren CAT Rental Store for backhoe rentals and other equipment options offers many benefits:

  • Flexible arrangements: You can rent a machine for a day, week, month or longer — whatever works best for your business.
  • Long-term solutions: Our rent-to-own and leasing programs provide a simple transition if you decide you want the equipment for the long haul.
  • Easy process: Our simplified rental system saves time, ensuring you get the machine to the job site quickly.
  • Superior service: Get access to on-site maintenance and repairs and live technical and customer support throughout the rental term.

Experience the Advantages of Renting

Many Oklahoma and Texas companies use renting to expand their fleet quickly when demand increases or if they need a fast replacement or upgrade. The process simplifies fleet management, helping to save money and reduce costs. You also won't have to worry about maintenance and repairs — another significant cost-saving advantage.

It's easier to find the perfect machine for every job when you rent, which can improve project results, and Warren CAT's fleet of newer, lower-hour rentals enable your crews to utilize the latest technologies to increase productivity and efficiency. You can even rent a backhoe to test it out before purchasing it to inform your investment decisions.

Get a Quote on a Backhoe for Rent

Let us help your business move forward and gain a competitive edge. Bolster your fleet and get more job site flexibility with a Cat backhoe rental from a Warren CAT Rental Store location near you. Check out our current inventory today, then call us at 866-292-7736 or contact us online to request a fast quote.