Planned Maintenance (PM) Kits

Convenience & Time Savings, All Boxed Up

What’s In A Kit? Exactly What You Need.

Complete with all the right parts for your specific machine and power system maintenance interval, Cat® Planned Maintenance (PM) Kits save you time and eliminate guesswork.

Plus, regular maintenance with genuine Cat parts helps your components last longer and keeps your equipment running at peak performance. The result? You maximize working hours and opportunities to make money.

Customize Your Cat PM Kit

What comes in a kit? It depends on your specific machine, generator set or power system and maintenance interval. You’ll always find Cat filters and sometimes Cat fluids. Other items may include genuine Cat seals, gaskets, belts, spark plugs and S·O·SSM sampling bottles. They’re all backed by the standard 12-month Caterpillar parts warranty.

When you build a kit on Parts.Cat.Com, it will automatically populate with all the parts required. Need everything on the list? Click “Add All to Cart.” Already have certain items on hand or want to grab an extra? Add or remove items using the “+” and “–” buttons. What goes in your kit is up to you. You can also call or stop by the dealership and have us put together a kit for you.

Easier Ordering = Less Prep Time

You can buy preventative maintenance parts one by one, but it takes time and planning to come up with a list and you risk forgetting something important. When you purchase a Cat PM Kit on Parts.Cat.Com, the work’s done for you. All the parts required for your equipment’s specific maintenance interval are boxed up in one package — pick it up at the dealership or get it shipped directly to you. You save time ordering and get the right parts in the right place at the right time.

Order Your PM Kit

1.5x – 3x Longer Oil Drain Intervals

Cat PM Kits may include Cat fluids such as oil, coolant and grease. Tests show they can extend oil drain intervals 1.5X to 3X versus the competition.* That means you could reduce the number of oil changes you perform from three down to one — a big time-saver.

Up To 80% Lower Injector Cost/Hour

Every Cat PM Kit comes with the Cat filters designed to deliver better protection and performance in your equipment. Competitive testing shows that Cat filters can lead to up to 45% longer fuel injector life, translating into up to 80% lower injector cost per hour.*

Better System Performance

Cat PM Kits may include Cat fluids such as oil, coolant and grease. They’re designed to rigorous standards as part of the overall Cat system. Fluids, filters and components complement each other to help you maintain efficiency, maximize life and extend intervals on repairs.

Use Data To Manage Maintenance Intervals

We make it easy for you to track planned maintenance intervals with two free options — My.Cat.Com and the Cat App — that give you instant access to machine hours, location, health and more right from your laptop or phone. Visit My.Cat.Com to learn more and sign up.

Engine PM Kits Info

Choose The Level of Support That’s Right For You

Cat PM Kits offer a quick, convenient way to perform your own planned maintenance. But if you’re looking for even more support, check out these options:

Planned maintenance Cat Self-Service Options include all the preventative maintenance parts you need plus service instructions, a list of recommended tooling and support from our technical experts.

Cat Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) include (at a minimum) flexible financing, genuine Cat parts delivered with instructions when preventative maintenance is due, access to machine and engine insights via the Cat App and My.Cat.Com, annual inspections and fluid health monitoring.

Ready To Build Your PM Kit?

Build online and order now – 24/7/365. It’s as easy as 1–2–3:

  1. Enter Your Serial/Model Number
  2. Choose Your Maintenance Level
  3. Customize The Contents Base On Your Needs

Need assistance or want to put together a kit in store? We’re here to help.

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Or call 866-292-7736 to talk with a Warren CAT representative for more information.

*The information contained herein are test results obtained under specific conditions and maintenance practices. Caterpillar implies nothing further, and no one should infer that using the Cat products described herein will result in the same or similar benefits as defined in this document.


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