Rebuild Programs

Cat® Equipment Rebuilds in Oklahoma and West Texas

As your fleet experiences wear and tear, you’ll need to decide whether to repair, replace or rebuild it. A Cat rebuild program is a cost-effective way to revive your fleet.

Warren CAT provides several rebuild programs designed to extend the life of your Caterpillar machine. As the authorized Caterpillar dealership and heavy machinery rebuild expert in Oklahoma, West Texas and the Texas Panhandle, we deliver rebuilt equipment that lives up to Caterpillar’s highest standards for efficiency, durability and dependability.

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Warren CAT offers rebuild programs that optimize your machinery’s performance, including:

  • Certified Machine Rebuild: Returns your entire machine to good-as-new-condition—or better-than-new condition with upgrades and enhancements.
  • Certified Power Train Rebuild: Restores power train components bringing them back to new life.
  • Certified Hydraulic Rebuild: Restores like-new performance to your excavator’s hydraulic system.
  • Certified Machine Component Rebuild: Renews certain machine components such as the captive engine, transmission and torque converter, axles, differentials or final drives.

Our Cat Rebuild Programs in Texas and Oklahoma

If you’re not sure which Rebuild Program is best for your equipment, you can learn more about our Cat Rebuild Programs below.

Certified Rebuilds

A Caterpillar Certified Rebuild (CCR) is a complete re-manufacture of your existing equipment. The equipment is inspected and disassembled down to the frame. Then it’s rebuilt. We replace more than 7,000 parts when we rebuild most equipment. The rebuilt machine also gets any technology and engineering updates available.

Once rebuilt, the machine goes through a full set of tests and inspections. This lets us ensure your rebuilt equipment is comparable to a new machine. Cat Certified Rebuilds are covered by a like-new warranty and receive a new serial number.

In many cases, rebuilt equipment can be better than the original machine. This usually happens because new technology has become available, and the rebuilt components include these brand-new features.

Certified Power Train Rebuilds

The Caterpillar Power Train Rebuild (CPT) gives your engine a new lease on life. In a power train rebuild, the power train components are disassembled, updated or replaced. Like a full rebuild, the power train rebuild offers extended coverage.

Some of the components included are:

  • Engine
  • Fuel, oil and water pumps
  • Engine control module
  • Transmission
  • Drive line

Certified Hydraulic Rebuilds

The Certified Hydraulic Rebuild (CHR) option is for excavators or hydraulic shovels only. It is designed to address all hydraulics on an excavator such as: main hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic valves, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, travel motors, swing drive motor, swivel, hydraulic tank, and hydraulic lines.

The CHR includes all the common requirements of all Cat Certified Rebuild options. It includes all components in the hydraulic oil circuit and the swing motor is included but the swing drive and swing gear/bearing is excluded. Travel motors are included whereas final drives are excluded.

Certified Machine Component Rebuilds

CMCR are available for certain components. CMCR restores engine or transmission plus torque converter combination to like-new performance. It is then assembled and tested to Cat cleanliness and performance specifications. It includes critical engineering updates and extended coverage is available.

The following are available CMC rebuild options:

  • CMCR-E Certified Machine Component Rebuild – Engine
  • CMCR-T Certified Machine Component Rebuild – Transmission and Torque Converter
  • CMCR-A-F Certified Machine Component Rebuild – Axle-Front
  • CMCR-A-C Certified Machine Component Rebuild – Axle-Center
  • CMCR-A-R Certified Machine Component Rebuild – Axle-Rear
  • CMCR-D-F Certified Machine Component Rebuild – Differential-Front
  • CMCR-D-C Certified Machine Component Rebuild – Differential-Center
  • CMCR-D-R Certified Machine Component Rebuild – Differential-Rear
  • CMCR-F Certified Machine Component Rebuild – Final Drive

The Benefits of Warren CAT Rebuild Programs

Our rebuild programs improve your machinery’s performance and lengthen its life span. These benefits save you time and money in the long term. We can also add the latest features and engineering updates to your fleet to maximize your equipment’s productivity and efficiency and enhance operator safety and comfort.

Plus, our rebuild services improve the resale value of your equipment, increasing the likelihood you’ll receive a good return when it’s time to sell or upgrade.

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Warren CAT Rebuild Expertise

Warren CAT rebuilds are performed by highly trained, experienced technicians who benefit from continuous state-of-the-art training and have access to the latest tools and equipment. A rebuild from Warren CAT can benefit your business in several important ways:

  • Eliminates the expense of purchasing brand-new equipment
  • Extends the useful life of your existing equipment
  • Restores machine components to like-new performance
  • Modernizes engines by incorporating critical engineering updates
  • Rebuilt engines are tested to ensure compliance with Caterpillar specs

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Warren CAT is proud to be an authorized Cat dealer. We serve businesses across Oklahoma and West Texas by meeting their equipment rebuild needs. We’ll develop a custom rebuild program that suits your needs and budget.

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