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Skid Steer Auger Rentals in OK and TX

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A68 Auger

Drive Shaft Torque at Maximum Pressure
5034.6 lb/ft
Drive Method
Gerotor Motor - Double Planetary Reduction
Mounting Bracket Design
8 Ton Mini Excavator Pin On

A41 Auger

Drive Shaft Torque at Maximum Pressure
3038.8 lb/ft
Drive Method
Gerotor Motor - Single Planetary Reduction
Mounting Bracket Design
5 Ton Mini Excavator Pin On


Drive Shaft Torque at Maximum Pressure
1699.3 lb/ft
Drive Method
Gerotor Motor - Direct Drive
Mounting Bracket Design
3 Ton Mini Excavator Pin On

If your company is like many in Oklahoma, West Texas or the Texas Panhandle, Cat® skid steers are valuable part of your heavy equipment fleet. These agile, versatile machines are ideally suited for earthmoving and material handling tasks in confined areas. With the legendary Caterpillar® durability, your skid steer will give you many years of reliable service.

One way to capitalize on your skid steer's versatility is by integrating work tool attachments into your job site processes. Augers are an excellent example. These easy-to-use tools are perfect for drilling holes for trees, shrubs, footings, fencing and more.

As the region's authorized Cat equipment dealer, Warren CAT is your one-stop headquarters for auger attachment rentals at competitive rates. Give us a call at 866-292-7736 or contact us online to explore your skid steer auger rental options.

How to Select the Right Skid Steer Auger for Your Applications

Cat augers come in an assortment of drive shaft torque pressure options and drive methods. You can choose from a variety of standard and rock head bits as well as extensions for deep-drilling jobs. Caterpillar designs these work tools for fast, easy attaching to skid steer loaders and other compact machines to save time and labor at the job site.

Torque is an important consideration when choosing the most appropriate auger for your project. Depending on the tool, the torque level can reach up to 5,000 foot-pounds. Generally, an auger bit with a wider diameter will produce more torque, although it will operate more slowly.

Depth is another factor to evaluate. While many augers can dig holes up to 72 inches deep, the amount of power the skid steer is able to supply will dictate the depth limits.

What Can You Do With Augers for Skid Steers?

Whether you rent, own or lease your skid steer, an auger rental can be valuable for your fleet. High-performing attachments like the Cat A68 auger and other models enable your skid steer to perform many essential job site functions:

  • Post installation: Digging holes for posts on residential and commercial properties is one of the most common auger applications. In a few seconds, this tool can create a hole at the appropriate depth for posts that provide sturdy support for fences or signs.
  • Pipe laying: Utilities and construction crews can implement an auger when drilling holes for piping systems for underground water, sewer, electricity and gas applications.
  • Footings: Building and construction contractors often require an auger machine rental to drill high-precision holes for foundation footings and concrete piles.
  • Tree planting: If you're in the landscaping business, augers allow you to create deep, clean holes for planting trees, bushes and shrubs. They can effectively remove rocks and soil that can block the root system.
  • Stump grinding: Adding extensions or other attachments to a power auger rental enables the tool to perform heavy-duty tasks. For example, connecting a stump planer to an auger can shave down the stump's individual layers for faster, easier removal.
  • Cement mixing: Combining an auger with a cement mixing extension creates an efficient tool that prepares newly created concrete for pouring.

Why Rent Auger Attachments From Warren CAT?

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