Heater Rentals In OK & TX

Rental Equipment

Heat King Glycol Heater (HK300)

Operating Time
120 hrs
Fuel Capacity
192 gal
Glycol Capacity
96 gal

Generac Hydronic Heater (MAC6000)

Heated Air Output
630,000 BTU/hr
Operating Time
78 hrs (at 50%)
Fuel Capacity
225 gal

Generac Flameless Heater (MFH900)

Heated Air Output
3500-5000 ft3/min
Operating Time
26 hrs
Fuel Capacity
176 gal

Allmand Flameless Heater (SH-750)

Heated Air Output
3600 f3/min
Operating Time
34 hrs
Fuel Capacity
240 gal

Allmand Maxi-Heat Heater (MH500iQ)

Heated Air Output
3200 f3/min
Operating Time
30.2 hrs
Fuel Capacity
175 gal

If you are looking for a reliable source of temporary heat at your facility or remote job site, the Warren CAT Rental Store is your one-stop source for high-quality industrial heater rentals in Oklahoma, West Texas and the Texas Panhandle. We can provide a practical and affordable solution for power outages, planned maintenance shutdowns and other situations where temperature control is beneficial. We can also supply a powerful heater for thawing frozen ground in the winter.

Select From Various Commercial and Industrial Heaters for Rent

We can help you find a temporary heater rental in a wide range of BTUs and heat capacities to meet any need.

Our temperature control and heater rentals include:

  • Glycol / Hydronic / Ground Thaw heater rentals: These portable heating systems circulate a water/glycol mixture through a closed-loop flexible hose circuit. Typical industrial and commercial applications include outdoor plumbing heating, warming gas processing equipment, building heating and gas reheating, concrete slabs, and ground thawing prior to construction.
  • Indirect flame heater rentals: This type of portable heater works by providing a ducted, warm, forced air source for thawing, warming and heating your projects. Commonly used in oil and gas operations to keep critical services operating in cold weather, this equipment is our most commonly used type of portable heater.
  • Flameless heater rentals: Commercial and industrial flameless heaters provide maximum safety. These machines work by providing ducted, warm forced air created without producing a flame.  They're an excellent choice for environments that don't allow open flames such as critical close service to natural gas processing facilities and refineries

What Are the Benefits of Heater Rentals?

A commercial heater rental from the Warren CAT Rental Store enables you to get a fast solution and allows you to keep your projects on schedule. The flexibility of renting gives you more control when managing your fleet, as you can add equipment only when needed. You'll also avoid the additional expense of storing, maintaining and repairing your machines.

When you rent a heater from us, you'll get a well-maintained product from a leading manufacturer, ensuring exceptional quality and performance in the most challenging environments and job site conditions. What's more, we'll be there to provide timely maintenance and repair services to keep your project moving forward and minimize unproductive downtime.

Contact Us for Industrial Heaters for Rent

The next time you need a dependable industrial heater rental, the experts at the Warren CAT Rental Store are ready to assist you. Take the next step and use our online contact form for prompt assistance from a knowledgeable product specialist today.