Heater Rentals In OK & TX

Rental Equipment

Heat King Glycol Heater (HK300)

Operating Time
120 hrs
Fuel Capacity
192 gal
Glycol Capacity
96 gal

Generac Hydronic Heater (MAC6000)

Heated Air Output
630,000 BTU/hr
Operating Time
78 hrs (at 50%)
Fuel Capacity
225 gal

Generac Flameless Heater (MFH900)

Heated Air Output
3500-5000 ft3/min
Operating Time
26 hrs
Fuel Capacity
176 gal

Allmand Flameless Heater (SH-750)

Heated Air Output
3600 f3/min
Operating Time
34 hrs
Fuel Capacity
240 gal

Allmand Maxi-Heat Heater (MH500iQ)

Heated Air Output
3200 f3/min
Operating Time
30.2 hrs
Fuel Capacity
175 gal

Warren CAT Rental Power is your local source for industrial heater rentals. Whether you need temporary heat for power outages, maintenance shutdowns or an outside event or need a heater to heat a construction site or thaw frozen ground, we have a rental heat solution for you.

Call 866-292-7736 to talk with a rental power expert, or contact us online.

Rent Heaters From Warren CAT

We carry a full line of temporary heating units, up to 1,000,000 BTUs, that are capable of providing heat up to 180 F.

Our heater rentals include:

  • Glycol heaters
  • Hydronic heaters
  • Flameless heaters
  • Ground thaw heaters