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Ultimate Guide to Renting Skid Steer and Compact Track Loader Attachments

If your business is interested in renting attachments to diversify how you use your skid steer or compact track loader (CTL), you have some important considerations to keep in mind.

These pieces of equipment are often compatible with many of the same tools, making them useful for tackling similar types of projects. However, you need to know what specific attachments are best for your application. Additionally, you should know why renting can be an advantageous way of fulfilling your unique job and budget requirements.

This guide provides all the information you need to make an informed decision about renting the right equipment and attachments for your project.

Benefits of Renting Skid Steer and CTL Attachments

Businesses can enjoy many financial and logistical advantages when renting skid steer and CTL attachments:


Renting attachments is a cost-effective way to secure the tools you require for an upcoming project. Whether you have a tight budget or short-term needs, renting affords access to additional equipment without requiring a large investment.

Rentals allow you to have lower maintenance and repair costs because your business is not responsible for ongoing upkeep. You also won’t have to worry about storage expenses since you’ll have the machine only for the predetermined project time frame.


Another benefit of renting attachments for your compact track loader or skid steer is having greater flexibility to tackle new types of jobs without the long-term commitment of owning multiple attachments.

Renting is the perfect solution if you won’t need attachments regularly or if it doesn’t make sense to invest in purchasing them yet. Rentals make it possible to fulfill last-minute or unexpected project needs and quickly close gaps in your fleet.

Try Before You Buy

By renting your CTL and skid steer attachments, you can test their functionality and evaluate their performance before investing. You can try before you buy to ensure you select the best options for your particular equipment models.

If you are trying to decide between two attachment choices, you can rent both and get feedback from your operators on which one suits your business’s needs best. You can also consider which attachments offer the most return on investment regarding their different uses and how they impact productivity.

Access Advanced Technology

Renting makes it possible for businesses to access the latest attachment technology. These advanced tools can benefit your operations by enhancing performance, safety and efficiency.

You can see how the newest features and improvements can impact your bottom line and determine whether they are a good fit for your business. Rental attachments with advanced technology can also help you tackle projects with tight time constraints.

Understanding the Different Types of Skid Steer Attachments and Their Uses

Before renting attachments for your skid steer or compact track loader, it can be valuable to explore the different types available and their versatile uses. A wide variety of attachments are available to greatly expand the capabilities of compact construction equipment, and learning about each will help you select the most effective options for your job.

Types of Skid Steer and CTL Attachments to Rent

You can find various types of skid steer and compact track loader attachments available for rent:

  • Angle blades: These attachments, also known as dozer blades, are useful for various tasks, including leveling, backfilling and pushing materials like soil, gravel or snow.
  • Augers: You can use augers that feature a helical drill to pierce the ground for tasks like installing fence posts and planting trees.
  • Breakers: Breaker attachments are useful for site preparation, rock excavation and concrete projects. They help you break up hard, heavy materials for easier removal.
  • Brooms: Debris removal, site preparation and snow-clearing applications can benefit from broom attachments. They use heavy-duty rotating brushes for sweeping surfaces.
  • Forks: Fork attachments are a popular option for material-handling applications. They feature prongs that allow for easy lifting, loading and unloading tasks.
  • Grapples: Handling bulky materials, such as logs, brush or site debris, is easier and more secure with the help of grapple attachments. The hydraulic claws can offer an advanced grip for your materials.
  • Hammers: You can use these attachments for similar applications as breakers. Hammers are better suited for lighter demolition projects, like breaking up smaller rocks.
  • Hay spears: Hay spears are the go-to attachment for lifting, hauling and stacking hay bales. You can also use them for moving materials, such as wooden pallets or insulation bundles.
  • Mowers: Mower attachments feature rotating blades that can cut grass and vegetation on a job site. They are useful for landscaping, construction and roadside maintenance applications.
  • Mulchers: Land-clearing and vegetation management efforts can benefit from adding a mulcher attachment that can shred branches, bushes and shrubs.
  • Rakes: Rake attachments feature teeth for collecting debris in site cleanup, landscaping and soil preparation applications.
  • Sod rollers: You can use a sod roller attachment on a CTL or skid steer to flatten and compact the ground to achieve an even and smooth surface.
  • Stump grinders: A stump grinder can help your team remove rough plant and tree roots for land clearing and site prep applications.
  • T-post drivers: A t-post driver attachment can streamline the installation process for fence posts. They help you drive the post securely into the ground.
  • Tillers: Tillers are useful for breaking up soil for landscaping and ground maintenance. They use rotating blades or tines to penetrate and turn the ground surface.
  • Trenchers: You can use trenchers for digging and cutting through the soil. These attachments are great for utility, irrigation and drainage system installation.

Skid Steer and CTL Attachment Suitability for Different Construction Projects

A few key considerations will help you determine which attachment rentals are right for your business:

  • Project needs: Assess your upcoming project requirements and the specific tasks your team will tackle. The scope, materials and job site conditions will impact which attachment rentals are best.
  • Model compatibility: Always check the specifications of your skid steer or CTL to ensure you select attachments that will work with your particular model. Many attachments are universal, but not all of them will match up with your machinery.
  • Versatility: While exploring different attachment options, your business can benefit from choosing options that can be useful for multiple applications and tasks.
  • Availability: Another important consideration when selecting attachment rentals for your business is your project timeline and whether the particular tools you require will be readily available when you need them.

Look for equipment rental dealers where you can work with an equipment specialist to determine the right attachments for your construction projects.

The Importance of Selecting the Right Attachments

The best skid steer attachments to rent will depend on your specific machine, capacity requirements and applications. There are a few key reasons why every business should prioritize working with the right tools for every job:


CTLs and skid steers are powerful machines. Using compatible attachments is essential for ensuring operator safety. Improperly matched tools can cause excessive stress on your equipment and unnecessary wear and tear or breakdowns. These issues can result in accidents and increased safety risks on your job site.

Prioritize operational safety by selecting attachments that fit correctly and are designed to suit your specific tasks and typical project conditions.

Optimal Performance

One of the best ways to increase your equipment’s overall efficiency is to pair each machine with attachments intended for your applications. These tools will supercharge your performance on the job, increasing productivity and ultimately boosting customer satisfaction and profitability. Renting the right attachments allows you to enjoy greater reliability and reduce the risk of downtime caused by equipment failures or damage.

Having the right attachments will help you achieve optimal results on every project and take your business to the next level.

Equipment Longevity

Proper care and operation are essential for extending your equipment’s working life. Selecting CTL or skid steer attachments designed specifically for your machine will help you protect your investment and combat premature wear. Using compatible tools is a simple way to save costs on repairs, replacements and unplanned downtime.

Working with a professional can be useful for finding attachments that work with your equipment models and fulfill as many job functions as possible.

Maximizing Productivity With the Right CTL and Skid Steer Attachments

Once you determine the right attachments for your machine and project needs, there are some key ways your business can use these tools to maximize productivity and efficiency:

  • Streamline operations with task-specific performance: Each attachment has unique features that enable quick, precise task execution and contribute to improved effectiveness and faster completion rates.
  • Reduce manual labor needs: The right tools can help your business save time and money by streamlining tasks and reducing the manual labor required to tackle a particular job. Less physical strain on your personnel can increase individual productivity and keep your team functioning at their best.
  • Increase versatility: Having different attachments allows your team to diversify the types of jobs they can complete. Selecting multifunctional rental attachments can also help you quickly transition from one task to the next, directly benefiting your operational efficiency.

Tips for Optimal CTL and Skid Steer Attachment Operation

Your business can also maximize productivity with a few tips for optimal attachment operation:

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines: Read the equipment’s manual and follow the suggestions for inspecting, maintaining and operating your attachment.
  2. Ensure proper installation: Carefully follow installation instructions for your skid steer and CTL attachments and inspect the fitment to ensure safe and effective operation.
  3. Pay attention to maintenance: Ensure your attachments remain in working condition by Incorporating them into your routine maintenance checks so you can spot issues before they become bigger problems. By not working with faulty equipment, your operators can increase their safety on the job site.

When Does Buying Attachments Make Sense?

While there are many benefits of renting attachments for a compact track loader or skid steer, buying may be more advantageous in certain circumstances:

Consistent Project Requirements

If your business’s typical workload requires a specific attachment, purchasing it may be a better option than renting. Buying ensures your tools are readily available when you need them, and you have the equipment to tackle your daily tasks with convenience and improved efficiency.

Consider the time frame you’ll need the attachment and if the costs of repeatedly renting will surpass the expenses of purchasing. If a particular attachment is a fundamental part of your company’s everyday operations, owning it will be more convenient, and you will likely save long-term costs.

Readily Available Capital

Businesses that have larger budgets and are interested in expanding their fleets can benefit from investing in their attachments rather than renting them. You can buy either new or used options, depending on your financial constraints. Ensure you have the capital to properly operate, maintain, repair and store your tools before buying them.

How to Get the Most out of Your Attachment Rentals

Contractors and business owners can get more out of their rental attachments with a few tips and tricks:

1. Plan and Schedule Ahead

One method for maximizing the use of your rental attachments is to create a detailed plan ahead of time. Determine your project requirements and the estimates for how long your team will need each tool. Reference your schedule and ensure you can secure the attachments you need for your desired time frame without delay or the risk of last-minute unavailability.

2. Work With Your Dealer

Be sure to communicate your project requirements with the rental company you work with. By providing your dealer with detailed information about your specific tasks, worksite conditions and unique project considerations, they will be able to advise you on the most suitable attachment options for your needs. You can get expert guidance on installation and operation to support greater performance.

3. Inspect Attachments Before Each Use

You should carefully inspect equipment and attachments before renting them to ensure they are in good working condition. In addition to this initial inspection, have your operators take a close look at your rental tools before each use to flag potential issues. Doing so will help you remain safe and control costs by reducing the likelihood of breakdowns during your rental period.

4. Invest in Operator Training

Taking the time for training can help your team learn about the proper operation, safety protocols and maintenance requirements for your rental attachments. Have your operators complete training on how to work with your rental equipment. They should understand the controls and settings before tackling each project.

Training will offer the know-how needed to maximize project efficiency and productivity while keeping your job site safer throughout the rental term.

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