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Why You Should Rent Equipment Attachments

As a contractor or small business owner who relies on construction equipment, you’ve probably tackled a broad range of projects. Whether performing road work, building a home foundation or paving a parking lot, different tasks call for different types of equipment. However, hauling multiple machines for one project can be a hassle. That’s where interchangeable attachments come in handy.

Equipment attachments are a flexible solution to complete basic tasks without bringing in additional large machines. For example:

Several benefits come with renting attachments for your equipment.

7 Reasons to Rent Cat® Equipment Attachments

Caterpillar is a manufacturer prized for its reliable, long-lasting equipment and parts. As an authorized Cat dealership, Warren CAT can help you find high-performance attachments that align with your projects, budget and needs. When you rent Cat equipment attachments from a trusted dealer like us, you can experience numerous advantages.

1. Cost-effectiveness and Flexibility

Say you need a specific attachment for a short-term project. Renting offers a flexible avenue to get the part you need when you need it. Attachments are also quick and easy to install and remove. That means you can use various attachments for a project without needing multiple large pieces of equipment.

Renting can be a cost-effective solution for your business if you only need an attachment temporarily. Purchasing an attachment you only plan to use for a short interval can be a wasted investment. Instead of letting the attachment sit in storage and collect dust, simply return it as soon as your rental duration is up.

Likewise, if you realize you need the attachment longer than anticipated, you can easily call the dealer and extend your rental period.

2. No Maintenance or Repair Costs

When you rent equipment attachments from a reliable dealer like Warren CAT, you can rest assured we’ll perform the maintenance and repairs necessary to keep them functional. Our highly trained technicians inspect products carefully to confirm everything works properly — all at no extra cost. Maintenance and repair expenses are automatically part of your rental agreement.

Cat attachments offer years of performance and durability. Even so, that added layer of protection can give you more peace of mind throughout your rental contract. Besides normal wear and tear, Cat parts have a minimal risk of malfunctioning. However, we’ll replace a faulty attachment with a new one should you encounter issues down the road.

3. Wide Availability

Because we have an extensive selection at Warren CAT, you rarely have to question if you’ll be able to find the solutions you need. From drills and blades to buckets and brooms, you can find nearly everything you need at affordable rental rates.

Our vast inventory of attachments means you can take on a broader variety of projects and tasks. Additionally, our ongoing repair and maintenance services ensure you can reap the most use from your investment. Warren CAT is your one-stop shop for all the attachments you need — plus the services needed to maintain them.

4. Reduced Storage Burdens

A large stockpile of equipment attachments can quickly take up valuable storage space. Storage majorly contributes to the overall expense of equipment ownership. Some businesses and contractors may not have enough space to store additional tools and equipment — or the funds to expand their storage facilities.

Renting attachments means you don’t have to find extra storage space. You’re only responsible for the attachments if you rent them, so permanent storage arrangements aren’t a concern.

5. Speed and Efficiency

Perhaps you already have equipment attachments, but they’re out of commission for the foreseeable future. Renting is also an excellent option if your current attachments are undergoing servicing or repairs.

Rental attachments can help maintain efficiency on your job site. You don’t have to halt your operations, compromise your workflow and risk profit loss simply because you don’t have a working attachment. Rental attachments can help you stay on top of project deadlines and avoid costly downtime.

Breakdowns and malfunctions can occur when you least expect them. Fortunately, renting lets you get the solutions you need quickly in these urgent situations. You can keep things in order even when your go-to parts and equipment are unavailable.

6. Opportunity to Try Before You Buy

If you are considering adding new equipment and tools to your fleet, renting lets you test out different products before committing to a purchase. You can determine what attachments and features would accommodate your project needs.

The flexibility of trying before buying is easily one of the most considerable perks of renting. Find what best suits your business without the pressure of time constraints.

7. Easy Access to Rental Attachments in Numerous Locations

Contractors and business owners wear many hats. Between negotiating contracts with customers, organizing projects and scheduling employees, you likely have oodles of tasks on your plate. You may not have the time in your jam-packed schedule to travel long distances to pick up rental equipment and attachments.

Fortunately, Warren CAT makes it simple to find rental attachments near you. With 11 convenient locations throughout Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle and West Texas, the right attachment is never far away. You can visit your closest rental location for professional guidance in finding the proper equipment attachments. Our experts will help you select attachments based on your work site, project specifications, timeline and budget.

That way, you can get the solutions you require without majorly impacting your workflow. With our wide range of locations, convenient pickup options and efficient access to rental products, you’ll quickly have your attachments on-site when you need them.

We want to make the rental process as simple and hassle-free as possible. Regardless of your schedule and requirements, we’re ready to meet you where you are.

Choose Warren CAT for Equipment Attachment Rentals

Warren CAT proudly serves Oklahoma and West Texas with quality, dependable Cat attachments. Whatever your unique project specifications, we’re ready to help you find solutions that meet your needs and budget.

If you need help finding the right work tool rental attachments, contact us online or give us a call at 866-292-7736. Otherwise, you can browse our assortment of rental attachments and get a quote.