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Machine Service

Cat® Machine Service


Warren CAT offers service, maintenance and repairs for all Cat equipment. We work with you to provide total fleet solutions that keep you productive and profitable at all times. Using sophisticated diagnostic tools and the expertise of our technicians, we can identify problems before they become an issue, so you can plan for repairs accordingly. We also offer onsite emergency support from a team of mobile service trucks.

Count on Warren CAT for certified machine and component rebuilds, hydraulic repairs, undercarriage service, welding, fabrication and more. An extensive parts inventory ensures that any repair can be turned around quickly.

Keep reading to learn about the different machines we offer service for, or visit one of our many locations throughout Oklahoma, West Texas and the Texas Panhandle for assistance.

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Excavator Service

In addition to Cat dozers, we also service Cat excavators of all sizes. Though excavators tend not to travel as much as other machines, larger buckets and heavier loads can cause undercarriage and hydraulic components to experience as much stress as those on a dozer or track loader. Preventative maintenance is essential to avoiding failure at a critical moment.

Dozer Servicedozer-service

Warren CAT offers service for the full line of Cat dozers. Whether it’s a small unit used in landscaping and light construction or a heavy-duty machine that must perform regularly in harsh environments, we can keep your equipment working its best.

Typically, undercarriage repairs will account for a large portion of a dozer’s ongoing service expenses. By putting together a customized preventative maintenance schedule, we can help you keep wear to a minimum and extend the life your equipment’s tracks, pins, bushings and other vital components.

Backhoe Service

Keeping a backhoe working its best is the easiest way to avoid unanticipated downtime and lower your operating costs. If your machine is only working at 80%, that’s a 20% loss in productivity over the course of the week — the equivalent of taking five days to do a four-day job.

Warren CAT offers a wide range of backhoe service and other equipment management programs. We can provide hydraulic diagnostics, as well as convenient preventative maintenance kits that contain everything you need to perform routine inspections and service every 10, 50, 100, 250 hours and beyond.

Skid Loader Service

Cat skid steer loaders are known for delivering power and safety in a compact package. Whether it’s used in agriculture, landscaping, general construction or any other application, a skid steer loader must be well-maintained to deliver these advantages. Count on Warren CAT for comprehensive skid steer service.

Track Loader Service

Accessible components make regular maintenance for Cat track loaders fast and easy. As with all track machines, compact track loaders require ongoing undercarriage service to ensure a long and productive life.

Let Warren CAT help keep your equipment working its best. We can provide training for your team on basic daily maintenance, or arrange periodic service calls from our team of mobile technicians. Need parts for a repair? We can fulfill almost any order in 24 hours or less.

Wheel Loader Service

Cat wheel loaders are available in a range of sizes and configurations, from compact units for basic material handling tasks to heavy-duty machines with special guarding for use in recycling and waste handling applications. All of these machines require ongoing service to stay running their best.

Warren CAT can provide 50-hour, 100-hour, 500-hour and 1500-hour maintenance for your Cat wheel loaders. Get in touch to have our team put together a schedule that works for you.

Motor Grader Service

Cat M-series motor graders are advanced machines with sophisticated electronics, drawbar systems and hydraulic components. Keeping them in good working condition requires special training and equipment only an authorized dealer can provide. We offer regular checkups to ensure your engine and drivetrain keep delivering the performance you require of them.

Using the Cat Product Link™ system, we can remotely monitor your key equipment’s vital signs and provide detailed performance reports that help you spot possible service issues before they lead to downtime in the middle of an important job.

Telehandler Service


Warren CAT provides telehandler service for advanced machines by Cat. We offer the parts and service expertise you need to protect your investment — and protect your crew against on-the-job accidents — for the long term. Count on us for regular maintenance, hydraulic repairs, undercarriage service and more.

We can also provide emergency field service in the event of a breakdown or other issue that hinders your ability to get the job done.

Dump Truck Service

Articulated trucks are the workhorses of many construction fleets, and are frequently required to haul materials, waste and other heavy items. A well-maintained dump truck engine can be expected to last for a million miles or more, while other components can be replaced or refurbished as necessary, effectively giving them an indefinite lifespan.

The difference between a truck that reaches the million-mile mark and one that doesn’t is often one of maintenance. Proactive service and preventative repairs are essential at any age, but become even more important as the machine gets older.

Warren CAT can provide dump truck service for all types of chassis, beds, hydraulics and other dump truck components. Get in touch with a representative today to learn more, or to request service either on-site or at your location.

Your Partner for Service, Repairs and More

Whether your fleet consists of one machine, ten machines or one hundred, Warren CAT has the tools, the people and the longstanding industry expertise to meet all of your service requirements. We’re a proud partner to construction crews, agricultural operations, landscapers and other organizations across West Texas and Oklahoma.

With 15 locations throughout the region, we make repairs and maintenance easy and convenient. Visit our Locations page to find a representative near you.

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