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Why Rent an Industrial Generator

Uninterrupted power is vital for businesses across many industries. Whether you are working with hospitals or data centers, having a backup source of electricity is indispensable. However, not all organizations are in a position to invest in an industrial generator. Renting provides an accessible, flexible and cost-effective means of acquiring the power generation equipment necessary to keep operations running smoothly.

Potential Consequences of Power Outages

Organizations that have mission-critical power needs must invest in a reliable backup source to ensure their operations can continue in the face of an outage caused by severe weather, strained power grids, local outages or human error. Power failure can have numerous negative consequences for businesses. For some, loss of power can be a considerable safety hazard.

Unplanned Downtime

One common result of power failure is unexpected disruptions and downtime. Businesses may experience halted productivity and delays, causing them to fall behind schedule. Whether you’re working with production lines or data center processing, halted operations may impact your bottom line.

A power interruption can also create a ripple effect throughout your supply chain, resulting in delays, missed deliveries, customer dissatisfaction and financial losses.

Equipment Damage

Another unfavorable consequence of power failure is the risk of damaging your business’s critical equipment. Electronics are especially sensitive to power surges, spikes and fluctuations. When disruptions to your electrical supply occur, the results can be detrimental to essential systems. They may require costly repairs, component replacements or complete overhauls, depending on the effects of the power interruption.

Equipment damage can lead to downtime and additional costs your organization did not plan for.

Data Loss

Most businesses across numerous industries rely on computerized systems for processing important information, record-keeping and operational monitoring. Sudden power loss can cause data center equipment to fail, resulting in data corruption and loss.

Without your data solutions in tact, your organization may experience challenges regarding decision-making and oversight of your daily operations.

Safety Hazards

Power outages can create serious safety concerns in industrial and commercial settings — life-saving equipment may fail. Dangerous machinery can malfunction or come to a sudden stop, and emergency lighting, ventilation or temperature control solutions may not work. All of these factors can lead to hazards for your workers, customers or patients. Reliable backup power is essential for operations where loss of power can impact safety and health.

Revenue Loss

Between unplanned downtime, operational disruptions and equipment damage, power failures can result in significant financial losses for businesses. Interruptions to your daily activities can impact your ability to generate more revenue and satisfy your customers’ demands.

Reasons for Renting a Generator

There are many reasons why renting an industrial generator is an advantageous decision for businesses.

1. Temporary Power Requirements

An industrial generator rental is often a practical solution for organizations with temporary power needs. For instance, a construction contractor might require power for a specific duration on a remote job site, or a company may be hosting an outdoor event that needs power for lighting and heating.

2. Cost Savings

If your business is not in the financial position to invest in an industrial generator, renting can be a cost-effective solution for getting the continuous power supply you require. Renting can help you forgo ownership expenses, like ongoing maintenance, repairs, long-term storage and depreciation.

3. Emergency Preparedness

Commercial generator rental solutions can give you peace of mind when power failures occur. Having a reliable backup power source is an essential element of your business’s emergency preparedness plan. This is especially important in regions prone to severe weather or outages.

4. Scalability and Flexibility

For businesses with fluctuating power requirements, renting a generator can help them meet their changing demands. These pieces of equipment provide greater flexibility and scalability for operations that may need additional power for a specific event or project.

5. Access to the Newest Technology

Another reason why companies opt to rent their backup power generation equipment is because they want access to modern technology that they may not be able to afford otherwise. Newer generator models have advanced features that help you maximize fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and monitor power demands with greater accuracy.

6. Maintenance and Support

Businesses can often rely on their equipment providers to take on the maintenance and repair responsibilities for their commercial generator rentals. You can enjoy the benefits of having a reliable backup power source without the burdens of ongoing upkeep and ownership. Plus, you often have access to customer support for troubleshooting any issues with your machine.

How to Choose the Right Rental Generator

A few key considerations can help your business determine the right industrial generator rental solutions for your specific operations.

  • Power requirements: Your power needs are a crucial factor to keep in mind. Select a model that can adequately support your continuous and peak demands. An equipment expert or electrician can help you determine your total power load and account for additional requirements if necessary.
  • Size and capacity: Businesses should also determine the size and capacity of their rental generator with power requirements in mind. Manufacturers rate their equipment according to kilowatt and megawatt capacities. You’ll need to ensure you select a model that supports your power needs.
  • Fuel type: Industrial generators typically run on natural gas or diesel. The former may be best if you’re looking to reduce emissions, and diesel models may be right for businesses that want superior durability and readily available fuel.
  • Fuel efficiency: Another factor to consider when choosing a generator rental is runtime and fuel efficiency. If your business will run the equipment for longer periods, a model with a larger fuel tank is ideal because you won’t have to worry about refueling or possible power disruptions.
  • Rental terms: Determine how long you’ll likely need a rental generator and find an equipment provider with rental terms that are flexible and make sense with your budget.

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