Dynamic Gas Blending

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Save Fuel. Reduce Emissions. All Without Sacrificing Diesel Performance.

Considering the switch to Dynamic Gas Blending™ engines on your frac trailers? That’s smart thinking. DGB allows your engines to burn natural gas — including field gas — as well as diesel. It’s a proven way to lower fuel costs and reduce emissions without sacrificing the diesel engine performance you’ve come to rely on.

Cat® DGB engines for well service let you operate on the industry’s wide range of fuels, including CNG, LNG, pipeline gas and even field gas as an alternative to flaring. With Cat DGB engines, you could cut your diesel consumption by as much as 85%, while maintaining all the power, reliability and ease of maintenance of our diesel models. And unlike other options on the market, DGB gives you the flexibility to run your engines on 100% diesel when gas isn’t available.

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Tier 2 and Tier 4 Final DGB: Compare Your Options

Whether you’re looking to start fresh with Tier 4 Final DGB engines or upgrade your existing Tier 2 engines to DGB, we have you covered. In fact, Caterpillar is the only engine manufacturer with dual fuel solutions that meet both sets of emission standards. There are some key differences between the two offerings, though, so take a look at the details below to determine which option is best for your fracking operation.

Cat 3512E DGB Engine – U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final Certified* Cat 3512C DGB Engine – Meets Tier 2 Levels
Installation Turnkey, factory-installed solution that includes integrated aftertreatment support – no downtime Upgrade kits — allow time for installation
Base Engine High Pressure Common Rail platform with Exhaust Gas Recirculation – same as Tier 4 Final diesel engine MEUI-A (Mechanically Actuated Electronically Controlled) platform
Maximum Diesel Displacement 85% 65%
Fuel Range 850-1250 LHV 850-1250 LHV
Combustion Control Achieved via multiple technologies that combine to maintain emission levels and keep displacement high:
· In-Cylinder Pressure Sensing (ICPS), which monitors combustion of each cylinder for more precise control
· Compressor bypass control
· SOGAVs (gas metering devices)
· Control software
· Oxidation catalyst and compression ratio
Achieved via exhaust temperature and knock sensors
Gas System Individual cylinder gas metering system Fumigated gas system
Filtration Integrated gaseous fuel filtration with pressure monitoring for maintenance notification Customer-supplied

Which Solution Is Right for You?

It depends on your priorities. If you’re building a new fleet, or have the resources for a complete repower, 3512E DGB engines deliver the best overall performance, savings and environmental footprint. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to upgrade your existing fleet, 3512C DGB kits may be the answer.

Either way, the ability to burn field gas as well as diesel means you’ll likely see big savings on your fuel bill. Warren CAT Power Systems experts can help you weigh your choices and put the right DGB solution to work on your frack trailers.

* U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final Nonroad, 49-State

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