Natural Gas Power Generation

Benefits of Natural Gas Power Generation

New Equipment

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Whether it's pipeline quality gas or waste gas straight from the wellhead, Warren CAT generator sets are designed to operate within a wide range of fuel gas quality without sacrificing performance. These packages are engineered for high efficiency, extreme durability, superior performance and the capability to meet most global emissions specifications. Utilization of your on-site natural gas supply vs diesel as a fuel source for electrical power generation can reduce fuel and related transportation and logistics costs by as much as 80%.

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Several factors must be considered when designing natural gas power solutions, and every site is unique as it relates to load profiles, gas volume and quality, ambient temperatures, altitudes, distribution requirements, etc. Whether it’s powering a 50kW pump or an entire 10MW field, we have the expertise, superior products and the support infrastructure to deliver the greatest value-added solutions for your oil and gas production needs. Both rental and purchase options are available.

Natural Gas Generator Product Brochure Downloads

Gas Petroleum Engine 135ekW Generator Unit

Gas Petroleum Engine 139 ekW Generator Unit

Gas Petroleum Engine 170 ekW Generator Unit

Gas Petroleum Engine 275 ekW Generator Unit

Gas Petroleum Engine 400 ekW Generator Unit