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Cat® Gas Generators in OK & TX

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Reliable generators are must-have equipment for industrial facilities and large institutions with mission-critical operations. Even a short-term power loss can result in lost productivity, compromise privacy and security, or potentially jeopardize the health and safety of your customers or employees.

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Warren CAT is the leading supplier and support expert for custom, high-specification, prime and standby diesel and gas Cat generator set packages. We supply generator solutions for domestic and international markets in industries such as:

  • Offshore drilling and production
  • Land drilling
  • Gas processing facilities
  • Standby power generation

Our generators can also meet the power demands for a wide range of applications for data centers, healthcare facilities, mining and construction operations, power plants, commercial businesses and more.

Advantages of Cat Generators from Warren CAT

Warren CAT is your source for a wide-range of diesel-powered Cat generators, as well as gas-powered generators that operate on natural gas, coal gas, biogas and other alternative fuel sources. Cat generators are designed to deliver maximum efficiency and power with reduced fuel consumption for lower operating costs, while complying with modern emissions standards for safe and clean performance.

As one of the largest Cat engine dealers in the world, we provide capabilities and resources unmatched by our competitors, including:

  • Custom Cat Generator packages for marine, desert and arctic environments
  • Marine Classification Society, Hazardous Area and other 3rd-party approvals
  • Complete “Black Start” packages built to your specifications
  • Paralleling Switchgear, PLC-based control panels, acoustical & fire-rated enclosures, structural steel skids and tank bases
  • Complete factory acceptance testing provided with witness access
  • Packaging and fabrication shop locations in both Texas and Oklahoma
  • Fully-customized Cat Generator Sets with ratings up to 5MW

You also gain access to a highly-skilled, professional team of engineers and technicians who will provide you with interpretation of highly-technical specifications, and support for generator design and construction. And our world-class service can keep your generators operating at peak efficiency.