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New Cat® Large Dozers For Sale In OK & TX

New Equipment

If you need tough, heavy-duty pushing equipment for mining or other demanding work, a large bulldozer can meet the challenge. With these models' elevated sprockets, raised final drives and advanced power train components, these rugged machines will increase productivity and efficiency and keep material moving throughout the workday.

Do you operate a business in Oklahoma or West Texas? Warren CAT can meet your needs for high-performing new large dozers for sale. Call us at 866-292-7736 or contact us online to learn more.

Your Headquarters for Brand-New Cat Large Dozers for Sale

As the exclusive Cat equipment dealer for West Texas and all of Oklahoma, Warren CAT offers the full lineup of the latest, most innovative large dozers from Caterpillar. These advanced machines include a host of standard and optional features that add significant value to your projects.

Our Lineup of Large Dozers Includes:

  • D9
  • D10
  • D11

With their high horsepower capacity and durable construction, you can count on these machines to withstand the rigors of heavy-use applications. Their modular components and easy accessibility also make the dozers simple to service and maintain.

What Can You Do With Large Dozers?

A new Cat large dozer can serve many purposes at your job sites. Use it to:

  • Push heavy volumes of dirt, rocks, sand and debris.
  • Clear land and lots to prepare them for building projects.
  • Transport large, bulky materials between sites.
  • Handle grading during landscaping work.
  • Demolish buildings and other larger structures.

What Are the Benefits of Buying New Cat Dozers?

When you purchase brand-new equipment from Warren CAT, you'll benefit from:

  • Trouble-free use: New products come without wear and tear and are less likely to experience mechanical issues. Your repair expenses will be much lower for a longer period than those associated with older machines.
  • Long-term use: Are you planning to own the equipment for the long term? You can trust your Cat dozer to provide many years of reliable service. You'll also receive top dollar when the time finally arrives to sell it or trade it for another model.
  • Access to advanced technologies: When you purchase the latest Cat dozers, you'll get access to advancements from Caterpillar that enhance efficiency and make the machines easier to operate. Examples include Cat Connect and Cat Slope Assist for Dozers.
  • Emissions compliance: New models comply with the latest emissions guidelines. You'll stay compliant with today's increasingly stringent EPA emissions standards, which may not be the case when purchasing older models.
  • Safety: New dozers have a host of safety features to minimize the risk of workplace accidents. Keep your crew safe on the job site with purpose-built equipment.

Financing Your New Large Dozer in Oklahoma or West Texas

Are you looking to finance your purchase? Warren CAT can help by offering a wide range of flexible financing arrangements for a customized program that fits your company's needs and budget. Take advantage of competitive interest rates and the ability to preserve more capital for other areas of your operation.

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