Mission and Values

The Commitment of Warren CAT



To be the Dealership of Choice for all our stakeholders.


To achieve our vision by being top performers in everything we do.


ETHICS: We will conduct ourselves in an honest, respectful, responsible and legal manner.

CUSTOMERS: We will provide superior products and services in the markets we serve. Our customers’ needs will be met by creating value-added solutions and developing long-term business relationships built on trust.

EMPLOYEES: We are committed to a culture of empowerment, diversity, pride, accountability, teamwork and personal growth. We value employees who demonstrate personal excellence, openness, respect for others and a passion for our business.

VISION: We are guided, not by day-to-day existence, but by a vision of where we want to be. Our perspective is to take the time to look forward and backward, to take stock of where we are, evaluate where we are going and determine how we are going to get there.

ENVIRONMENTAL, HEALTH AND SAFETY (EHS): Our goals are simple – no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment.