Field Service
Field Service

Field Service from Warren CAT

When you’re out in the field and using your Cat® equipment, you want to keep going to get the job done. Cat equipment is known around the world for its performance, reliability and durability and can be counted on day in and day out.

While problems are rare, if you do have an issue with your construction, mining, agriculture or other type of equipment, Warren CAT has the field service solutions you need to get back to work. Don’t let an accident or equipment issue lose precious time and money — instead, take advantage of our Cat Field Service for flexibility and convenience when you’re out on the job site.

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When we sell or rent Cat equipment to our customers across Texas and Oklahoma, we always take care of regular service. This means we can anticipate any repairs or maintenance that could otherwise lead to a field problem. If you have an accident, mishap or equipment problem while out on a job site and need repairs, you don’t have to haul your equipment back to our service center.

We have a mobile maintenance team that has the skills, tools and knowledge to make equipment repairs right out in the field. We can save you time, which in turn saves you money.


We Come to You Because You’re Busy Enough Already

It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in, or which type of Cat equipment you’re using. You want to focus your time, energy and attention on the task at hand — not on making repairs to machines when you’re out in the field. That’s why we’ve developed our Cat Field Service. You can call us when you have a problem and we come to you with the solution to get you running again.

When you call us out for emergency field service, we’ll come prepared:

  • We bring the parts we need, according to the type of service required.
  • Our crews have a truck full of tools to anticipate all types of repairs.
  • Thanks to our training, we can troubleshoot issues even out in the field.
  • Once we’ve completed our service, we verify that your equipment is ready to go.

Our trained technicians can replace worn or broken parts, repair electrical and hydraulic systems, troubleshoot faulty systems and perform a whole host of other useful services out in the field. Our mobile maintenance teams understand that every minute your equipment is down is a wasted minute for you and your crews. That’s why we work fast and efficiently to troubleshoot and problem-solve and perform the service you need.


We get in, make the fix and let you get back to work. Our goal is to provide fast, reliable equipment field service no matter where you are. Our serious and professional technicians here at Warren CAT have state-of-the-art training on Cat equipment so they can find the source of any problem out in the field and fix it just as they would in our service centers.

We want to be your trusted partner for your Cat equipment service, be it regular, planned service or mobile maintenance. Not sure if field service is right for you - then check out our complete field service guide. Contact us today to find out more and learn about all of the field maintenance and emergency repairs we can offer.

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