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For questions or immediate assistance with financing services, please contact:

Allison Riley
Finance Manager
Phone: 432-331-0023
Fax: 432-337-1338
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Why Finance with Warren CAT?

When you choose to finance your new or used equipment purchase through Warren CAT, you are making a sensible decision which enables you to achieve your financial objectives and meet your operational needs. As a Warren CAT customer, we have a personal understanding of your business needs and objectives, and can help you plan for your future.

Benefits of financing with Warren:

  • Convenient, all-in-one source for your equipment sales, service, and support needs
  • Preservation of your cash flow for working capital needs
  • Quick acquisition of equipment provides you with a competitive edge
  • Custom finance / lease options tailored to your needs
  • Low interest rates available for both new and used
  • Caterpillar® Financial offers equipment financing with superior customer service
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Planned replacement strategies that keep your fleet updated
  • Options to address bonding and bidding concerns
  • Financing options available for international transactions

Flexible Financing Options

At Warren CAT, we make it easy to acquire reliable new or used equipment by providing a range of flexible financing options. We offer customized finance/lease arrangements that are tailored to the unique needs of your business. Warren CAT financing offers competitive interest rates and flexible payment plans to help you achieve your business objectives.

Convenient Financing for Parts, Service and Rentals

Looking for a convenient way to pay for the parts, service or rental equipment your business needs? A Cat® Commercial Account from Warren CAT enables you to make only a minimum monthly payment on your balance, which can improve your cash flow. You can use your account to pay for purchases from any Cat Dealer or Cat Rental Store in the country.

Additional Protection with Warren CAT Warranties

Even something as reliable and durable as a Cat machine can experience a mechanical issue now and then. Warren CAT offers an extensive menu of equipment warranties from Caterpillar. Our warranties give you the protection and peace of mind to make your equipment purchase with complete confidence.

Customer Support Agreements (CSA)

A Customer Support Agreement from Warren CAT helps to reduce the burden of maintaining your equipment and lower your overall cost-per-unit production costs. You’ll get access to the Warren CAT team of highly skilled technicians who will assist you with your equipment maintenance needs. You have the flexibility to choose a CSA ranging from basic preventive maintenance to a more comprehensive total cost performance guarantee.

Total Support

Looking for the best way to minimize downtime, improve performance and extend the life of your heavy equipment? A Customer Support Agreement, one of the five components of Warren CAT’s comprehensive product health program called “Condition Monitoring,” is an excellent way to help keep production costs low and increase profitability. A CSA is an arrangement between Warren CAT and you that ranges from simple Preventive CSA Kits to comprehensive Total Cost Performance Guarantees.

Flexibility: The Key Element of a Warren CSA

A Warren CSA provides the flexibility to tailor the agreement to your company. We will work with you to develop an individualized plan that fits your particular equipment support needs as well as your budget. You’ll never have to worry about pre-set product or service purchasing requirements. You’ll also have the flexibility to select a CSA with a flat-rate monthly fee or have the cost based on actual production hours. You can modify or cancel your CSA at any time simply by giving us a 30-day notice.