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Used Off Highway Trucks for Sale in OK & TX

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If you're looking for a truck that can work on tough construction and mining job sites, Warren CAT can provide the solution. As an exclusive Cat® dealer for Oklahoma, West Texas and the Texas Panhandle, Warren CAT offers a variety of used off-highway trucks for industrial applications. These durable machines are designed to operate under the harshest conditions so you can maintain productivity without compromising worker safety.

For questions about our used off-highway truck inventory, contact us online or call 866-292-7736.

Used Cat® Off-Highway Trucks for Your Industrial Needs

Off-highway trucks offer an advantage in construction applications because they are resilient and versatile. Unlike on-highway trucks, which are designed to operate on main roads, off-highway trucks are best suited for large job sites and harsh terrain. Their durable tires can handle gravel and uneven soil. Ideal for carrying heavy materials around job sites, they can be used to support all types of demanding projects.

Long-lasting engines give used Cat off-highway trucks the strength needed to deliver their top performance every day. These machines are comfortable and easy to operate, which helps ensure an easy learning curve if you're transitioning workers from older models or other types of equipment. Whether you're clearing debris from a job site or transporting construction equipment, you can use one of these trucks to get the job done.

Why Buy Used From Warren CAT?

By partnering with a local used equipment dealer, you can browse a variety of options as they become available. Used off-highway trucks offer several benefits, including:

  • Upfront cost savings: While the cost of used equipment can depend on different factors, it's usually an affordable investment. If you're on a tight budget or looking for ways to cut costs, buying used is a smart option.
  • High resale value: Used equipment tends to have a low depreciation rate, so you can often get more back for a used truck when you resell it. The proper maintenance and care can go a long way.
  • Improved ROI: Used equipment that undergoes regular inspections and maintenance can serve your fleet for many years. Cat equipment is especially durable and built to offer long-lasting support.

At Warren CAT, we're dedicated to providing used equipment you can count on for maximum safety and performance. We also offer Cat Certified Used equipment, which must meet high standards for quality and safety. We communicate throughout the entire process to make sure you know exactly what you're getting, and we're happy to help with on-site and remote support.

Our preventive maintenance services help you prepare for and prevent expensive repairs. We also offer replacement parts for Cat equipment and emergency field services for last-minute repair needs. With flexibility, financing options and a wide range of support services, we can give you the tools and resources you need to succeed.

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Used off-highway trucks from Warren CAT help you save money and stay ahead of schedule with every project. We're constantly expanding our construction and mining equipment inventory, so feel free to browse our selection or reach out for assistance at any time.

For questions about our used off-highway truck inventory, contact us online or call 866-292-7736.

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