Productivity, Safety and Sustainability

Productivity: More Efficiency, Better Results

Whether you’re running two pieces of equipment or 200, you want to know your fleet and operators are working as efficiently and productively as they can. Cat® Connect technologies give you the accuracy, consistency and productivity you want.

By monitoring production in near real-time, you gain the insight, information and guidance you need to get more work done in fewer passes, with less guesswork. Boost productivity, reduce rework and maximize efficiency and profitability.

At Warren CAT, our technology experts can assist you with selecting the best combination of productivity technologies for any job.

Customer benefits include:

  • Get accurate information on daily loads and volumes
  • Hit payload targets more consistently
  • Boost production with faster cycle times
  • Improve grade and compaction efficiency
  • Use production data to enhance project performance

Safety: The Visibility You Want

Safety can significantly increase the operator’s view point and level of awareness to help contribute to a safer jobsite.

Customer benefits include:

  • Improve processes, operator visibility and job site safety practices
  • Precisely track equipment location, speed and avoidance zones
  • Reduce the risk of injuries every day
  • Apply remote control in harsh or challenging environments
  • Promote a positive safety culture

Sustainability: The Integrity You Want

Sustainability can improve performance through reduced fuel consumption, increased job site efficiency and lowered operating costs.

Customer benefits include:

  • Reduce emissions by burning less fuel
  • Get the right equipment to minimize owning and operating costs
  • Recover more value at the end of equipment life
  • Make compliance reporting easier with better emissions monitoring