Equipment Management Services

Cat® Equipment Management Services

Equipment Management (EM) Services is designed to help you better manage your assets and lower operating costs. Working with Warren CAT, you can remotely monitor equipment location, fuel burn and utilization, as well as health and maintenance issues like total operating hours, fluid contamination, S·O·S? fluid analysis and more.

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Additional benefits with Equipment Management services also include:

  • Knowing the location, health and efficiency of equipment
  • Spotting problems before they occur with data, inspections and fluid analysis
  • Receiving expert recommendations on equipment maintenance or repair
  • Reducing costs through preventive maintenance, fleet optimization and lifecycle planning

Equipment Management: Three Level Service

The three levels of equipment management service ensure you receive the support you want, whether you prefer to perform your own maintenance or rely on Warren CAT to handle the details while you focus on your business and project operations.

Level 1: Inform

Knowledge is power. Gain more information about your fleet and transform data into operation efficiency.

Level 2: Advise

Turn to Warren CAT for advice in managing your equipment for maximum efficiency, lower cost of ownership and higher availability.

Level 3: Partner

Rely on Warren CAT for the maintenance of your equipment so you can focus building your business and success.

Equipment Management is just one of the areas where Cat Connect solutions combine technology and services to boost your job site efficiency. Using the information gathered from technology-equipped machines, Warren CAT can help you discover new ways to enhance production, reduce costs, improve safety and build a more sustainable, successful business.