CAT Connect


Cat® Connect makes smart use of technology and services to improve your jobsite efficiency. Using the data from technology-equipped machines, you’ll gain more information and insight into your equipment and operations than ever before.

Cat Connect Technologies

Cat Connect technologies enable you to get the most value from your Cat equipment or mixed fleets.

LINK. Access machine data to increase jobsite efficiency with Product Link and the VisionLink suite.

GRADE. Improve grading accuracy while cutting costs with Cat Grade Control or AccuGrade.

COMPACT. Achieve and document consistent compaction results with Compaction Control and Cat Grade Control or AccuGrade.

PAYLOAD. Measure material weights and optimize productivity with Cat Product Measurement, Truck Production Management System, Production Estimator and Payload Control System.

DETECT. Enhance job site awareness and minimize risk with on-board camera systems, object/proximity-detection, tire monitoring and off-board safety reporting.

REMOTE. Operate equipment from safer location with remote control.

Cat Connect Services

When you want to be more productive, make smarter decisions and improve your bottom line, Warren CAT’s Equipment Management Services can help you increase uptime, reduce operating costs and match the right combination of Cat Connect technologies and solutions for your fleet of equipment. Whether your goal is to maximize production, reduce costs or improve safety, Warren CAT offers flexible solutions that allow to you monitor, manage and enhance your operations, giving you more control of your job site to achieve the success you want!