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S305 Mobile Scrap & Demolition Shear

Tip Force
43.3 Sh Ton
Jaw Width - Moving
2 in
Rotation Circuit - Maximum Flow
5.3 gal/min

If you operate a demolition yard, you likely need a tool that can cut objects made of steel and other rugged materials. Hydraulic shears are the ideal equipment for the job.

Warren CAT carries hydraulic shears from Caterpillar® you can easily attach to your Cat® skid steer loader or other types of compact equipment. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our skid steer shears and get a no-obligation quote today.

About Skid Loader Demolition Shear Rentals

Our Cat skid steer shears for rent are the right tools for cutting steel structures without generating sparks. They're engineered for power and efficiency, while also offering rotating capabilities to facilitate grasping of the materials. Their straight jaw design increases their cutting force, allowing you to tackle your most demanding projects with ease.

The rental specialists at any of our Oklahoma, West Texas or Texas Panhandle locations will help you choose the right shear attachment rental for your machine. We'll also provide helpful tips for using the tool productively and safely.

How Can Renting Help Your Business?

The benefits of renting skid steer shears and other work tools and machines include:

  • Lowers equipment-related expenses such as repairs, maintenance and storage
  • Enables you to bolster your fleet quickly to meet increases in demand
  • Provides access to late-model products that increase work site productivity and efficiency
  • Allows you to test machines you're thinking of purchasing
  • Does not require a significant upfront investment

Give us a call at 866-292-7736 to learn more about your shear attachment rental options today.