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Cat® Well Service Pumps

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Caterpillar® well service pumps are built on the legacy of Caterpillar’s legendary durability, reliability and performance, excelling in countless oil and gas projects around the world. With decades of industry-leading expertise, Cat® well service pumps –  including the Cat WS255 Quintuplex and the WS223 Triplex – can be counted on to offer the exacting precision and performance that oil and gas operations demand.

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From OEMs to owner/operators, Warren CAT, an authorized Caterpillar dealership, has decades of experience providing well service pump solutions for the oil and gas industry:

  • Engines, Transmissions, Pumps and Fluid Ends
  • Engine Rebuilds and Exchange Engines
  • Field/Shop Service, Maintenance, Parts and Warranty Fulfillment
  • Custom Fabrication and Packaging
  • Cat Well Service Pump Part Numbers Guide

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Key Advantages

Built with an industry-standard footprint, Cat well service pumps are versatile for integration into other well service trailer designs. They also boast durable fluid ends designed to decrease downtime, meaning your jobs complete faster – on time and on budget – and result in more satisfied customers, while your company’s bottom line also benefits.

Additional advantages of the fluid ends on Cat well service pumps include:

  • Full line of eight-inch (8”) and ten-inch (10”) fluid ends for application flexibility
  • Dimensionally-compatible fluid ends with industry standard eight-inch (8”) and ten-inch (10”) stroke power ends
  • Valve-over-valve design to simplify valve, seat and plunger installation
  • Polypak seals for more reliable sealing at suction cover and discharge flanges
  • Component design for maximize interchangeability across the Cat fluid end line and industry standard fluid ends

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Advantages of Cat well service pump power ends include:

  • Reverse helical pinion and bull gear design for greater reliability
  • Fully welded structure with additional internal supports
  • Two-piece stay rod design: pre-tensioned stay rod lowers cyclic loading and fatigue stress
  • Nose plate-to-frame design with dovetail interlocking for increased structural strength
  • Forged or fabricated bull gears – no cast material
  • One-piece forged crankshaft

Warren CAT Well Service Pump Solutions

 Serving clients with power systems solutions across a variety of industries – including government, heavy construction, mining, oil and gas, and more –Warren CAT is ready to provide world-class well service pump solutions for your business operations. You can be confident knowing our power systems experts will help you determine the right equipment to help you get the job done and help you succeed.