C280-8 Offshore Generator Set

C280-8 Offshore Generator Set

The C280-8 generator set incorporates years of proven success of the 3600 engine with the latest technology in electronics. The result is a fully integrated solution that is ideal for ...
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Engine Specifications

Minimum Rating
Maximum Rating
IMO Tier II/EPA Marine Tier 2
Oil Change Interval
Fuel System
Engine Control
Electronic ADEM™ A3
Generator Set Control
Generator Monitoring System (GMS)

Capacity for Liquids

Cooling System - Engine
140gal (US)
Lube Oil System - Refill
289gal (US)



Product Design

• Cat C280 engines incorporate more than 20 years of proven component reliability and durability from 3600 engines

Simplified Packaging Concept

- Offshore drilling package provides single lift handling- Caterpillar warranty for all packaged components- Includes most ancillaries, ready-to-run package- Easy to handle and install, few shipped-loose parts

Custom Packaging

For any petroleum application, trust Caterpillar to meetyour project needs with custom factory generator setsand mechanical packages. Cat engines, generators,controls, radiators, and transmissions can be customdesigned and matched in collaboration with our localdealers to create unique solutions. Custom packagesare globally supported and are covered by a one-yearwarranty after startup.

Full Range of Attachments

Large variety of factory-installed engine attachmentsincreases application flexibility and reduces installationtime.Testing• Every unit is full-load tested to ensure proper packageperformance• Full range of factory tests and reports are availableincluding performance, torsional-vibration analysis, fuelconsumption, engine, and generator special tests


• Every unit is full-load tested to ensure proper packageperformance• Full range of factory tests and reports are availableincluding performance, torsional-vibration analysis, fuelconsumption, engine, and generator special tests

Product Support Offered Through the Global Cat Dealer Network

More than 2,200 dealer outletsCaterpillar factory-trained dealer technicians serviceevery aspect of your Cat engineCaterpillar parts and labor warrantyPreventive maintenance agreements available for repairbefore-failure optionsS•O•SSM program matches your oil and coolant samplesagainst Caterpillar set standards to determine:- Internal engine component condition- Presence of unwanted fluids and combustionby-products- Site-specific oil change interval

Over 80 Years of Engine Manufacturing Experience

• C280 engines incorporate over 20 years of provencomponent reliability and durability from 3600 engines• Large field population in offshore applications providesproven performance, reliability, durability, andestablished worldwide product support network

Web Site

Visit www.catoilandgasinfo.com to learn more.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

- Electronic Unit Injection (EUI) fuel system providesoptimized combustion at any load- Lower specific fuel consumption at part load- Reduced transient smoke and emissions

Standard Equipment:

Optional Equipment:

    Air Inlet System
    • 90° adapter and straight adapters for air inlet to turbochargerAir cleaners
    • Air cleaners with Cat dry paper filter elements (approximately99.9% efficient at filtering SAE fine dust)
    • Soot filter
    Control System
    • 4-20 mA load feedback signal
    • Load sharing module
    • Direct rack module
    Cooling System
    • Separate Circuit Aftercooler (SCAC)
    • Customer water connections
    • Jacket water thermostats
    • AC/OC thermostats
    • Accessory module-mounted high volume expansion tank
    • Jacket water heater
    • Heat recovery connections and thermostats for use withwater maker system
    • ANSI connection adapters
    Exhaust System
    • Exhaust manifold shields
    • Vertical or 30° outboard exhaust orientation options
    • Exhaust outlet expanders and weld flanges
    Fuel System
    • Manual fuel priming pump
    • Duplex primary fuel strainer
    • Flexible fuel hose connections
    Lube System
    • Dry engine-mounted sump system that gravity feeds intobase assembly integral sump
    • Engine-mounted duplex oil filter
    • Intermittent air prelube
    • Continuous electric prelube
    • Redundant prelube with continuous electric prelube andintermittent air prelube backup
    • Oil pan drain valves
    • Electric continuous prelube pump
    • Lube oil heater
    Protection System
    • Wiring meets MCS requirements
    • Upgrade PLC monitor to industrial PC
    • Upgrades AC/OC, JW and start air pressure from contactorsto transducers
    • Raw water/sea water pressure transducer
    • Modbus communication
    • Beacon and horn
    • Single engine remote display monitor
    • Emergency pump start signal
    • Cabinet cooler
    • Generator power monitoring
    • Remote relay panel
    • Turbocharger speed sensors
    • Cylinder pressure relief valve
    • Oil mist detector
    • Flywheel and damper guards
    Mounting System
    • Base aseembly
    • Vertically-restrained vibration isolators and weld plates
    Starting System
    • Single turbine air starters
    • Boost control valve for extremely cold ambient conditions
    • Air start pressure reducing valves
    • Torsional couplings
    • Mounting groups for engine, generator, and base
    • Accessory module to mount attachments such as theexpansion tank, heat exchanger, instrument panel andengine controls, annunciator panel, alarm and shutdowncontactors, fuel strainer
    • Flywheel
    • Engine barring device options:
    • One-year storage preservation
    • Oceanic transportation shipping protection (shrink wrapand tarp)
    • Engine testing — certified dynamometer test, fuelconsumption test, rated speed performance test, overloadtest, minimum power setting, peak firing pressure test,turbo work cert and crankshaft work cert
    • Standard and project-specific witness testing
    • Spare parts kits
    • Project-specific installation drawings
    • Electrical schematics and P&ID drawings