Cat C280 Marine Auxiliary Engines

Cat C280 Marine Auxiliary Engines

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Power Rating

Minimum Rating
Maximum Rating

Engine Specifications

In-Line 6, Vee 8, Vee 12, Vee 16, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel

Dimensions & Weights

Maximum Width
Maximum Length
Maximum Height
Maximum Dry Weight
Minimum Dry Weight
Minimum Height
Minimum Length
Minimum Width

A3 ECU - Advantages

CAN J1939 data link Waterproof connectors, Maintenance-free, Backup ECU for redundant governing

A3 ECU - Electronic Advantages

Load feedback, Programmable droop, Adjustable gain, Adjustable fuel/air ratio control, Histograms of engine operation, Cat Messenger display presents diagnostics and other engine parameters

A3 ECU - Data Advantages through J1939 Link

Engine speed, Boost pressure, Throttle position, Fuel consumption rate, Inlet manifold temperature, Diagnostic codes and events, Configuration, Desired engine speed, Battery voltage, Engine load, Lifetime totals — engine hours, fuel burned, idle fuel, idle hours, Trip totals — average fuel rate, idle fuel, idle hours, engine hours, fuel burned, trip reset

Customer Interface Panel

Interfaces with standard Cat® Marine Monitoring System (PLC in Price List) Provides visual indication of ECU functionality, Accepts 4 — 20 mA or PWM remote throttle speed input, Marine alarm and protection

Electronic Unit Injectors

“Drop-in” installation, No threaded fuel connections, High pressure inside injector only, Does not require double wall fuel lines or leak collection device, Injector synchronization not required

Standard Equipment:

Optional Equipment:

    Air Inlet System
    • Air Cleaners
    Cooling System
    • Jacket Water Heaters
    • Heat Recovery System
    • Heat Recovery Thermostats
    • Cooling System Connection Groups
    • De-Aerator
    Control System
    • Load Sharing module
    • Direct Rack Module
    Exhaust System
    • Outlet Expander
    • Flexible Exhaust Fittings
    • Weld Flange - Optional
    Fuel System
    • Fuel Priming Pump
    • Duplex Primary Fuel Strainer
    • Fuel System Connections
    Lube System
    • Oil Pan Drain Valve
    • Prelubrication Connections
    • Lube Oil Heater
    Mounting System
    • Vibration Isolators
    Marine Society Requirements
    • Spray shielding
    Protection System
    • PLC Monitoring System Options
    • ECP Relay System Options
    • ECP Mechanical Gauge Instrument Panel
    • Turbocharger Speed Sensor
    • Cylinder Pressure Relief Valve
    • Oil Mist Detector
    • Protection System Components
    • Magnetic Pickup
    Spare Part Kits
    • Intake and Air System
    • Basic Engine
    • Cylinder Head
    • Fuel System
    • Cooling System
    • Instrumentation
    • Cylinder Valve Kits
    Engine Testing
    • Basic System Testing
    • Special Witness Test
    • Torsional Vibration Analysis
    Service Tools / Shipping Protection / Factory Support
    • Commissioning
    • Service Tools
    • Factory Packaging
    • Shipping Protection-Shrink Wrap or Tarp
    • Shipping Protection-Export Boxing
    • AID Emblem
    • Storage Preservation