3512C Generator Set

3512C Generator Set

Caterpillar is leading the power generation marketplace with Power Solutions engineered to deliver unmatched flexibility, expandability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.


Generator Set Specifications

Minimum Rating
1230 ekW
Maximum Rating
1500 ekW
Emissions/Fuel Strategy
U.S. EPA Certified for Stationary Emergency Use Only (Tier 2 Nonroad Equivalent Emission Standards)
220 to 13800 Volts
60 Hz
1800 rpm
Length - Maximum
Width - Maximum
Height - Maximum

Engine Specifications

Engine Model
3512C ATAAC, V-12, 4-Stroke Water-Cooled Diesel
Fuel System
Electronic unit injection
Governor Type
Compression Ratio

Design Criteria

The generator set accepts 100% rated load in one step per NFPA 110 and meets ISO 8528-5 transient response.

Cat Diesel Engine

  • Reliable, rugged, durable design
  • Field-proven in thousands of applications worldwide
  • Four-stroke-cycle diesel engine combines consistent performance and excellent fuel economy with minimum weight
  • Generator

  • Matched to the performance and output characteristics of Cat engines
  • Industry leading mechanical and electrical design
  • Industry leading motor starting capabilities
  • High Efficiency
  • Cat EMCP Control Panel

    The EMCP controller features the reliability and durability you have come to expect from your Cat equipment. EMCP4 is a scalable control platform designed to ensure reliable generator set operation, providing extensive information about power output and engine operation. EMCP4 systems can be further customized to meet your needs through programming and expansion modules.

    Single-Source Supplier

    Fully prototype tested with certified torsional vibration analysis available

    World Wide Product Support

    Cat Dealers provide extensive post sale support including maintenance and repair agreements. Cat dealers have over 1,800 dealer branch stores operating in 200 countries. The Cat® SOSSM program cost effectively detects internal engine component condition, even the presence of unwanted fluids and combustion by-products.

    UL 2200 / CSA - Optional

  • UL 2200 listed packages
  • CSA Certified
  • Certain restrictions may apply.
  • Consult with your Cat® Dealer.
  • Standard Equipment:

    Optional Equipment:

      Control Panels
      • EMCP 4.3, EMCP 4.4
      Air Inlet System
      • Single element filter
      • Heavy duty air cleaner
      Cooling System
      • Standard installed radiators
      • Standard installed ATAAC radiators
      • Optional installed radiators
      • Optional installed ATAAC radiators
      • Water level switch gauges
      • Coolant
      Exhaust System
      • Elbows
      • Flange and exhaust expanders
      • Flanges
      • Flexible fittings
      • Y Adapters
      • Mufflers
      Fuel System
      • Primary fuel filter
      • US aid emblem
      Generators And Attachments
      • Low Voltage: 380,440 / 480 Volts, 3 Phase, 1800 rpm
      • RW, IE, 6 leads, Pitch 0.6667
      • 1400, 1600, 2700 Frames
      • Space heater
      • Generator conversion from IE to PM
      • Differential current transformers (DCT) 15 kV class
      • Differential current transformers (DCT) 8.7 kV class
      • Generator air cleaner
      • Pyrometer and thermocouples
      • Wiring GP W/O cyl sensors
      Lube System
      • Lubrication oil in standard sump
      • Oil drains
      • Oil level regulator
      • Prelube pumps
      Crankcase Protection
      • No explosion relief valves
      • No crankcase explosion relief valve
      • Explosion relief valve
      • Crankcase ventilation system
      Mounting System
      • Puck style low efficiency isolators
      • Spring type vibration isolators
      • IBC vibration isolators
      Power Connections
      • Grounding groups
      • Neutral ground connections
      • Center post buss bar
      • Right side power connections
      • Cable entry - Right side
      • Left side power connections
      • Rear power connections
      • Six lead, six terminal option
      • 1600 ,2000, 2500, 3000, 4000 Amp, 3 Pole, UL-100% rated circuit breakers
      • 2000, 2500,3200 Amp, 3 Pole, IEC Rated Circuit Breakers
      • 2000, 2500 Amp, 4 Pole, IEC Rated Circuit Breakers
      Special Tests / Reports
      • CSA certification
      • IBC seismic certification
      • PGS test report @ 1.0 power factor
      • PGS test report @ 0.8 power factor
      • Standard engine test charge
      • Generator test report
      • Fuel consumption test
      • Generator fuel consumption test
      • Torsional vibration analysis
      Starting / Charging System
      • Engine barring device
      • Batteries, racks and cables:
      • 24 Volt battery set - Dry
      • 10 Amp battery charger
      • 35 Amp battery charger
      • Electric starting motors
      • Air starting motor
      • Starter covers
      • Air pressure regulator
      • Jacket water heaters