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New Cat® Small Excavators For Sale In OK & TX

New Equipment

The most powerful equipment may not offer the most practical solution for every project. A small hydraulic excavator can deliver the best results when performing various digging, trenching or backfilling tasks in confined areas and smaller work sites. Compared to their mini excavator cousins, these compact machines also offer a power upgrade.

If your Oklahoma or West Texas business could benefit from one of these versatile, maneuverable machines, you'll find what you need at Warren CAT. Call us at 866-292-7736 or contact us online to learn more about our extensive fleet of new small excavators for sale.

Wide Selection of New Cat Small Excavators for Sale

Warren CAT is the only authorized Cat equipment dealer in Oklahoma, West Texas and the Texas Panhandle. Our new small excavator lineup features an array of Cat products that are perfect for your projects with space constraints. With their advanced hydraulic systems and fuel-efficient engines, these high-performing machines will deliver unparalleled results and reduce your operating costs. They're also compatible with an assortment of attachments to enhance their versatility and productivity.

Our Lineup of Small Excavators Includes:

  • 313
  • 315
  • 317

The heavy equipment experts at any Warren CAT store can help you make the right match between small excavator and application. We'll recommend the ideal digging depth based on your typical projects and attachments to allow you to complete your jobs more quickly and efficiently.

How Can New Small Excavators Benefit Your Business?

Buying brand-new equipment makes sense in any of the following scenarios:

  • You want products with the longest possible life span to ensure maximum reliability over many years of ownership.
  • Keeping up with the latest equipment technologies is crucial for giving your business a competitive advantage.
  • Your company's maintenance and repair costs are spiraling out of control, and you need newer models to help cut these expenses.
  • You want the best warranty coverage to protect your investment, lower your ownership costs and gain more peace of mind.
  • Ensuring your crew members' safety is a primary concern, and you want to purchase new models with the latest safety updates.
  • You're attempting to comply with the increasingly stringent EPA emissions guidelines.

Why Select Warren CAT As Your Heavy Equipment Partner?

When you choose Warren CAT for new Cat small excavators in Oklahoma or West Texas, you also get:

  • Multiple locations throughout the region to ensure prompt, reliable service.
  • Access to the latest fleet management technologies to maximize machine performance.
  • Four decades of heavy equipment experience and expertise.
  • An assortment of flexible financing options to make your purchase more budget-friendly and free up more working capital for other business expenditures.
  • Expert maintenance, repair services and a comprehensive replacement parts inventory to keep your equipment in peak operating condition for as long as possible.

Get a Closer Look at Our New Small Excavators

Visit any Warren CAT location in OK or TX today to view our line of new Cat small excavators in person and meet our team. You can also call us at 866-292-7736 or contact us online for additional product and pricing information.

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