Cat® Water Delivery System Factory Option

Cat® Water Delivery System Factory Option

The Cat® Water Delivery System (WDS) is an automated system with fully-integrated Cat design. It controls the amount of water and the spray patterns to prevent the hazards common with ...
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Water Coverage
0.8 L/m² at speeds of 4 to 40 kph (0.02 gal/ft² at speeds of 3 to 25 mph)
Cannon Capacity
2,839 liters per min up to 60 meters (750 gallons per min up to 200 ft)

Improves Safety

  • The Cat® Water Delivery System improves safety by providing variable water flow based on truck speed, preventing the hazards common with over-watering.
  • With automated water delivery, the operator can remain focused on driving and traffic.
  • Remote tank fill control allows the operator to stay in the cab during refilling, which reduces slip hazards.
  • When the water tank is full, the auto shut-off feature prevents over-filling and also results in increased component life.
  • The system features automatic start and stop, based on truck speed, which eliminates over-watering at road intersections to improve safety for all vehicles on site.

Saves Fuel

  • Caterpillar tests show that the Cat® Water Delivery System's efficient pump control reduces fuel consumption by an average of 14%.
  • The water cannon operates at idle, which reduces fuel consumption during cannon operation by up to 50%.

Conserves Water

  • The Cat® Water Delivery System delivers a uniform spray of large water droplets for optimal gallons per square yard (liters per square meter) across the haul road.
  • Caterpillar tests show that the Cat Water Delivery System can reduce water consumption by 25-50% compared to conventional water systems.

Improves Productivity

  • The Cat® Water Delivery System features integrated and durable ergonomic cab controls that are both user friendly and easy to learn.
  • Seven programmable automatic configurations are provided as well as intermittent spray in automatic or manual modes.
  • The spray patterns are customizable to meet specific job site needs.
  • And the efficient variable hydraulic pump and motor allow the truck to spend more time on the road and less time at refilling stations.

Delivers Reliability

  • The Cat® Water Delivery System delivers reliability through stainless steel components and self-cleaning spray head nozzles, reducing maintenance.
  • The monitor automatically displays diagnostic messages regarding water, hydraulics and electrical issues for quick resolution to keep the system running.

Provides Value

  • The Cat® Water Delivery System is a premium product that offers a quick payback due to the significant savings in fuel, water, parts, and maintenance costs compared to conventional systems.

Standard Equipment: