Undercarriage Service
Undercarriage Service

Undercarriage Service from Warren CAT

undercarriage-servieOne particularly important type of heavy-duty equipment maintenance is undercarriage service. Due to the extreme weight and working conditions that many pieces of construction, mining, agriculture and forestry equipment are subjected to on a daily basis, their undercarriages can take a beating. The high performance and extreme durability of Cat® equipment means you push it hard on your work site to get the job done.

Over time, your undercarriage will start to show signs of wear and will eventually require service. That’s normal, even with high-quality equipment like Cat graders, loaders, excavators, forklifts or any other of their legendary industrial equipment.

When it’s time for undercarriage service, what’s important to remember is that only authorized Caterpillar® dealership and service centers have the knowledge, skills and parts to perform the necessary service and return your equipment to original performance and specifications.

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Inspection Is the Key

Once something breaks, it needs to be fixed. In the case of industrial and construction equipment, regular inspection and maintenance can often help you detect small problems before they become major ones. At Warren CAT, we use regular inspection and preventative maintenance to keep your Cat equipment performing reliably.

There are several telltale signs that your undercarriage needs service:

  • Missing or broken components: We can either reattach or replace parts that are missing or broken and check for cracks in your undercarriage, wheels, tracks or driveline.
  • Abnormal wear or physical damage: If we see that there is uneven wear in a certain area, or that an impact has damaged your undercarriage, we have the parts, tools and skills necessary to replace them.
  • Loose bearings or track linkages: The moving components of your undercarriage get worked hard, so we focus a lot of attention to ensuring bearings, wheels, tracks and gears are all properly serviced.
  • Performance issues: Let us know if you detect any issues with the driving, braking or steering of your equipment. These are often signs of undercarriage problems and can help us troubleshoot and repair.


If we detect undercarriage wear that requires attention, or if your equipment suffers a failure in the field, our mobile maintenance teams can often come out to your site and perform equipment service to get you operational quickly. Regular inspection of your equipment allows us to predict and plan undercarriage service at a convenient time, which is why we always encourage our customers to follow the Cat-specified inspection checklist and preventative maintenance plan.

We invite you to give us a call and discuss your Cat equipment undercarriage service needs. Do you need our repair services now, or would you like to plan a maintenance program to ensure equipment reliability and avoid any surprises out in the field? Our friendly and helpful team will go over the details of your specific equipment and suggest the necessary undercarriage maintenance you need. That way, you can get back to focusing on your next big job and trust us here at Warren CAT to take care of the service and maintenance your equipment needs.

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