Reliably Increase Your Grade Accuracy

Looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to increase grade accuracy? At Warren CAT, we understand even the most experienced equipment operators can find maintaining a consistent grade a major challenge. The revolutionary AccuGrade™ Grade Control System from Caterpillar® uses cutting-edge machine-mounted sensors to calculate precise blade slope and elevation information, making the process much easier and less labor-intensive.

The integrated electrohydraulic valve control module uses the information received from the sensors to automatically adjust the blade to maintain grade. Depending on the configuration, the operator can select which side of the blade to control — right, left or both sides.

With the AccuGrade Grade Control System you get:

  • Automated blade control for greater operator efficiency
  • Ability to achieve grade faster and with fewer passes
  • Increase in productivity by as much as 40 percent
  • Significant decrease in site costs
  • Suite of state-of-the-art products including cross slope, sonic, laser, GPS and ATS technology
  • Digital design data
  • In-cab operator guidance features for easy operation
  • Virtual elimination of the need for survey stakes
  • Ability to move material more accurately, safely and quickly
  • Positive impact on your company’s bottom line

Best of All, It’s from Caterpillar

Because the AccuGrade Grade Control System is from Caterpillar, you know you’re getting a system you can depend on. Caterpillar continues to raise the bar by backing their industrial equipment solutions with their renowned customer-centric worldwide dealer network, of which Warren CAT has been a proud member for more than 40 years. With Cat, you’re always assured of getting the best in reliability, durability and technology.