3512C (HD) Land Electric-Drive Drilling Module

3512C (HD) Land Electric-Drive Drilling Module

360° Exterior View

Oil and gas drilling is a complex task that requires specialized power generation equipment. Cat 3500 power modules are specifically designed for drilling operations of electric AC rigs. ...

Engine Specifications

Minimum Rating
Maximum Rating
U.S. EPA Nonroad Tier 2
Oil Change Interval
Generator Set Control
EMCP 4.3
Fuel System
Engine Control and Protection

Capacity for Liquids

Cooling System - Engine
41gal (US)
Lube Oil System - Refill
84gal (US)



Custom Packaging

For any petroleum application, trust Caterpillar to meet your project needs with custom factory generator sets and mechanical packages. Cat engines, generators, controls, radiators, and transmissions can be custom designed and matched in collaboration with our local dealers to create unique solutions. Custom packages are globally supported and are covered by a one year warranty after startup.


- Every Cat generator set is full-load tested to ensure proper engine performance. - Standard configurations are assembled, tested, and validated as a package to ensure performance, reliability and durability.

Product Support Offered Through Global Cat Dealer Network

- More than 2,200 dealer outlets - Cat factory-trained dealer technicians service every aspect of your Cat petroleum product - Worldwide parts availability, service, and warranty - Preventive maintenance agreements available for repairbefore- failure options - S•O•SSM program matches your oil and coolant samples against Caterpillar set standards to determine: • Internal engine component condition • Presence of unwanted fluids • Presence of combustion by-products • Site-specific oil change interval

Over 80 Years of Engine Manufacturing Experience

Ownership of these manufacturing processes enables Caterpillar to produce high quality, dependable products.

Web Site

For all your petroleum power requirements, visit www.catoilandgasinfo.com.

Standard Equipment:

Optional Equipment:

    Control System
    • ADEM A3 ECU, left-hand mounted
    • Load sharing governor, 2301A
    • Load sharing module
    • Direct rack control 0-200 mADC, space heater and jacket water heater connection and controls or
    • Cat Digital Voltage Regulator (DVR), includes reactive droop capability, 3-phase voltage sensing, kVAR/PF modes, RFI suppression, min/max exciter limiter and exciter diode monitor, space heater and jacket water heater connection and controls, temperature monitoring for 6 stator RTDs and 2 bearing RTDs via J1939
    • Governor conversion to 0-200 mA direct rack control
    Fuel System
    • Custom fuel filter
    • Primary fuel filter
    • Fuel filter simplex (LH) with priming pump (LH)
    • Primary fuel filter with water separator
    • Fuel transfer pump
    • Fuel return line with flexible connection
    • Electronic unit injectors
    • Fuel priming pump
    Generator Attachments
    • Barrel-mounted petroleum terminal box with air filter and pressure differential switch
    • Barrel-mounted petroleum terminal box
    • Current droop transformer
    • Cable access box
    • Low voltage extension box
    • Current sensing transformers (3)
    • Bearing temperature detectors
    • Emergency stop button
    • Analog gauges:
    • Communications module PL1000T
    • Communications module PL1000E
    • Thermocouples installed, one per cylinder
    • Service port connector
    • Customer connection terminal blocks
    Lubrication System
    • RH installed centrifugal oil filter
    • Crankcase fumes disposal
    • Oil level regulator
    • Crankcase breather
    • Oil cooler
    • Shallow oil pan
    • Oil drain extension, 2 in NPT female connection
    • Simplex oil filter
    Mounting System
    • 7.62 m (25 ft) outer base
    • 9.14 m (30 ft) outer base
    • 12.19 m (40 ft) outer base
    • Package isolator supports (3), for mounting inner base to customer-supplied base
    • Custom base
    • 4.19 m (165 in) length, 412 mm (16.2 in) height tubes, 1.18 m (50.5 in) wide
    • Viscous damper drive line coupler
    Power Take-off
    • Alternator, 24V, 60A
    • Crankshaft pulley
    Protection System
    • Explosion relief valves (3)
    • Metal particle detector switch
    • Metal particle detector with annunciator
    • Engine alarms, derate, and shutdown in abnormal operation
    Starting System
    • Custom starting motor
    • Air pressure regulator
    • TDI air starting motor, RH - 1034 kPa (150 psi)
    • LH control air silencer
    • LH installed engine barring group
    • Jacket water heater, UL recognized, 120-240V, single phase, 6 kW, LH and RH mounted
    • Jacket water heater, UL recognized, 120-480V, single phase, 12 kW, LH and RH mounted
    • Jacket water heater lines
    • Paint - Cat yellow
    • Vibration damper and guard
    • Lifting eyes
    • Lift and cable two provisions