Cat® G3408 Industrial Gas Engine

Cat® G3408 Industrial Gas Engine

Cat® G3408 Industrial Gas Engine. Ratings: 190-317 bkW (255-425 bhp) @ 1800 rpm and 249 bkW (332 bhp) @ 1500 rpm are NSPS site compliant capable with customer-supplied ...


137 mm (5.4 in)
152 mm (6.0 in)
18 L (1099 in³)
Engine Configuration
Engine - Continuous
Naturally Aspirated (NA), Turbocharged Aftercooled (TA)

Power Rating

Minimum Power
Maximum Power
1500 & 1800 rpm

Engine Dimensions - Approximate

1756 mm (69.1 in)
1758 mm (69.2 in)
Weight - Net Dry
2245 kg (4950 lb)
1563 mm (61.5 in)


Ratings are NSPS site compliant capable with customer-supplied aftertreatment. Some ratings also have standard emission settings available for export only. For specific emission information, please refer to the engine spec sheet.

Engine Design

  • Improved reliability and durability
  • Ability to burn a wide spectrum of gaseous fuels
  • Robust diesel strength design prolongs life and lowers owning and operating costs
  • Broad operating speed range

Full Range of Attachments

Large variety of factory-installed engine attachments reduces packaging time


Every Cat engine is manufactured to stringent quality standards in order to assure customer satisfaction.

World-class Product Support Offered Through Global Cat Dealer Network

  • Scheduled maintenance, including S•O•SSM sample
  • Customer Support Agreements (CSA)
  • Caterpillar Extended Service Coverage (ESC)
  • Superior dealer service network
  • Extended dealer service network through the CatIndustrial Service Distributor (ISD) program

Standard Equipment:

Optional Equipment:

    Air Inlet System
    • Air cleaner — dual element
    • Air cleaner — single element with service indicator
    • Air inlet adapter
    • Precleaner
    • Air cleaner rain cap
    Charging System
    • Battery chargers
    • Charging alternators
    • Ammeter gauge
    • Ammeter gauge and wiring
    • Control mounting
    Control System
    • Governor — Woodward PSG mechanical
    • Governor control — positive locking
    • EG3P/2301A speed control governor
    • PSG electric governor
    • PSG pneumatic governor
    Exhaust System
    • Watercooled exhaust manifolds
    • Dry exhaust elbow
    • Flexible fittings
    • Elbows
    • Flanges
    • Rain caps
    • Mufflers
    • Exhaust manifold
    Fuel System
    • Gas pressure regulator
    • Natural gas carburetor
    • Dual gas regulator
    • Low energy fuel carburetor
    • Low pressure gas conversion
    • Propane and natural gas valve and jet kits
    • Fuel filter
    Ignition System
    • Digital ignition system
    • CSA ignition
    • Ignition ground wiring harness
    • Power supply — digital ignition system
    Power Take-offs
    • Auxiliary drive pulleys
    • Enclosed clutch
    • Clutch support
    • Front stub shaf
    • Flywheel stub shaft
    • Pulley removal
    Starting System
    • Air starting motor
    • Electric air start control
    • Air pressure regulator
    • Air silencer
    • Electric starting motor — single 24-volt
    • Starting aids
    • Battery sets (24-volt dry), cables, and rack