The G20CM34 is a spark ignited engine operating according to the lean burn combustion system. The use of a pre-chamber operated by means of a spark plug enables a combustion ...
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Generator Set Specifications

Maximum Continuous Rating
9830 / 10300 ekW @ 0.8 pf
Fuel Type
Natural Gas
Maximum Electrical Efficiency
50 / 60 Hz
50/60 Hz

Engine Specifications

Engine Model
Turbocharged and Aftercooled

Generator Set Dimensions

Dry Weight - Genset

Genset Details

  • Spark ignited lean burn natural gas engine
  • Electric power output with 10300 / 9830 ekW at 50 / 60 Hz application
  • Medium-speed engine concept with high efficiency up to 48.9 %
  • Designed for open cycle, base- and peak load as well as CHP application
  • Wide operating ranges with excellent load following capability and high part load efficiency
  • Compliance with World Bank Emission Certificate according to IFC-2008 without additional exhaust gas aftertreatment
  • Compliance with MCPD 2015/2193/EU, IED according to 2010/75/EU, and 13th and 44th BImSchV by using SCR and oxidation catalyst

Fuel Flexibility

  • Capability for operation with various gas qualities
  • Variable configuration for natural gas with diverse methan number


  • Withstand the most challenging conditions and is thus offering a wide range of applications
  • Maximized benefits thanks to individual, tailor-made adjustments and extensions
  • Project-specific adjustment to fulfill challenging ambient conditions like high altitude and / or high temperature

Modular scope of supply

  • The Caterpillar Standard Scope of Supply ensures maximum safety, best performance and excellent service capability for your Power Plant with our Gensets. Operational reliability creates a safe working environment for your employees based on our knowledge and experience, combined with the high quality of the selected components. We enable lowest fuel consumption due to an outstanding engine design as well as highest uptime through reliable power output. If you choose the Caterpillar standard scope of supply, our experienced team is capable to support you immediately remote and on site. With our Caterpillar optional scope, you can also get a wide range of auxiliaries for your power plant, convenient and fully compatible

Gas Valve Unit

  • The GVU is a stand-alone auxiliary and regulates the gas supply under all required conditions for engine operation. It is designed for natural gas operation and is therefore equipped with special safety devices. Within the GVU, the incoming natural gas is separated into ignition and main gas. Special sensors and valves enable the pressure and leakage detection to shut-off both lines. The equipment of the gas valve unit shown in the picture above is the variant according to European standard.

Cooling water and lube oil combined module

  • The combined module includes the main components of the cooling water system and the lube oil system and is located in the power house. It provides the engine with a sufficient amount of cooling water and conditioned lube oil. The selection of the appropriate module is made by Caterpillar Motoren GmbH & Co. KG. To prevent contamination from expanding, each engine is equipped with its own combined module.

World Wide Product Support

  • Training Center: Get the most out of your engine while we are focusing on your individual requirements. We provide a customized engine training for customer and dealer personnel which will help you to get a competent knowledge about the engine, its components and maintenance procedures.
  • The Engine Training Center is located at the Caterpillar Motoren facility in Kiel – modernized and reopened in 2011. The training classes are conducted for up to eight customers, so you have the best efficiency in learning. Several classrooms and all current engine types and technologies are available – for both theoretical as well as hands-on training.
  • REParts Center: In addition to the traditional spare parts business, we also offer a broad portfolio of value-added after-sales services, including the reconditioning of wear parts. This enables you to operate your equipment even more efficiently.
  • Rebuilding MaK genuine parts enables a second life, adding value to your investment and reducing overall owning and operating costs. Through our new MaK Repair and Exchange Parts program, we are able to offer our customers extensive repair and exchange options, which provide same-as-new performance and reliability at a fraction of new price. The results are maximum engine productivity and lower life cycle costs –while reducing the impact on the environment.

Standard Equipment: