Cat® Microgrid Master Controller (MMC-M)

Cat® Microgrid Master Controller (MMC-M)

The Cat® MMC-M is designed for large industrial/commercial installations. The MMC-M will integrate a variety of traditional and renewable energy sources to provide overall monitoring and control of the assets. ...
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Technical Summary

Photovoltaic and energy storage systems
Module Type
Monitoring / control, assets optimization

Reliable and Scalable

  • Configurations to optimize performance are based on minimizing fuel cost, optimizing engine operation, or maximizing system reliability. Reliability is improved with spinning reserve to respond to sudden load transients.

Renewable Integration

  • Interface to all control elements simplifying operator interactions for manual or automatic control of the distributed energy resources.
  1. Grid Import / Export
  2. Black Start

Remote Monitoring

  • Complete system monitoring using Cat® Connect technology to provide real time performance and health of the installation.

Standard Equipment: