The ATC-100 is a comprehensive and multifunctional microprocessor-based ATS controller. It is a compact and self-contained panel-mounted device that is designed to replace traditional relay and solid-state logic ...

Technical Summary

Rating Range
120 to 480V, single phase and three phase @ 50/60 Hz
Transfer Type
Switch application dependent
Switch Type
Switch application dependent

ATC Controller Specifications

Input Control Voltage
95 to 145 Vac 50/60 Hz
Voltage Measurements of Utility
VAB generator VAB
VBC generator VBC
VCA generator VCA
Voltage Measurement Range
0 to 575 Vac rms (50/60 Hz)
Voltage Measurement Accuracy
± 1% of full scale
Frequency Measurements Of
Frequency Measurement Range
40 Hz to 70 Hz
Frequency Measurement Accuracy
±0.3 Hz over the measurement range
Undervoltage Dropout
80% of the nominal system voltage
Undervoltage Pickup
90% of the nominal system voltage
Underfrequency Dropout Range
90% of the nominal system frequency
Underfrequency Pickup Range
95% of the nominal system frequency
Overfrequency Dropout Range
115% of the nominal system frequency
Overfrequency Pickup Range
110% of the nominal system frequency
Operating Temperature Range
–20 to +70°C (–4 to +158°F)
Storage Temperature Range
–30 to +85°C (–22 to +185°F)
Operating Humidity
0 to 95% relative humidity (noncondensing)
Operating Environment
Resistant to ammonia, methane, nitrogen, hydrogen and hydrocarbons
Generator Start Relay
5A, 1/6 hp @ 250 Vac Vac 5A @ 30 Vdc with a 150W maximum load
K1, K2 Relays

10A, 1–3 hp @ 250 Vac

10A@30 Vdc
Applicable Testing
UL-recognized component
UL 1008, UL 991 Environmental IEC 61000-4-2, 61000-4-3, 61000-4-4,
Applicable Testing Continued
61000-4-5, 61000-4-6, 61000-4-11
CISPR 11, Class B
FCC Part 15, Class B
CSS 22.2-178
Enclosure Compatibility
NEMA 1, NEMA 3R and NEMA 12
UV-resistant ATC-100 faceplate

Performance Features

  • Source 1 sensing:
    • Undervoltage / underfrequency
    • Overfrequency
  • Source 2 sensing:
    • Undervoltage / Overfrequency
  • Controller settings via jumpers located at the rear of the unit
  • Mimic diagram with source available and connected LED indication
  • System test pushbutton
  • Plant Exerciser - Selectable day, off, 7, 14 or 28 day intervals with fixed 15 minute run time
  • Monitor utility and generator power source voltages and generator power source frequency
  • Provides undervoltage protection of the utility and generator power sources
  • Provides underfrequency and overfrequency protection of the generator power source
  • Permits easy customer setup
  • Permits system testing
  • In-phase transition

Standard Equipment: