538/538 LL Forest Machine

538/538 LL Forest Machine

360° Exterior View

Move more timber and make more money with superior performance and unmatched operator comfort.

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Engine Model
Cat C7.1
Net Power - ISO 9249
Engine Power - ISO 14396


Maximum Travel Speed
Maximum Drawbar Pull

Hydraulic System

Main System - Maximum Flow
Maximum Pressure - Equipment
Maximum Pressure - Equipment - Lift Mode
Maximum Pressure - Travel
Maximum Pressure - Swing

Swing Mechanism

Swing Speed
Maximum Swing Torque


Operating Weight: Processor
Operating Weight: Log Loader - Over/Under

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank
262gal (US)
Cooling System
5gal (US)
Engine Oil
7gal (US)
Swing Drive
3gal (US)
Final Drive - Each
1gal (US)
Hydraulic System - Including Tank
69gal (US)
Hydraulic Tank
38gal (US)
DEF Tank
11gal (US)

Working Ranges

Max Reach at Stick Nose at Ground Level - General Forestry Processor
Max Reach at Stick Nose at Ground Level - General Forestry Road Builder
Max Reach at Grapple Mount on Heel at Ground Level - Log Loader Under/Under
Max Reach at Grapple Mount on Heel at Ground Level - Log Loader Over/Under
Max Reach at Grapple Mount on Heel at Ground Level - Log Loader Power Clam


Shipping Height - Fixed Riser
Shipping Height - Tilted Cab
Handrail Height
Length: General Forestry - Boom Stretched Out
Length: Log Loader - Boom Stretched Out
Tail Swing Radius
Counterweight Clearance
Ground Clearance
Track Length
Track Length to Center of Rollers
Track Gauge
Transport Width

Latest Features

  • Optional integrated vehicle health management system alerts the operator with service guidance and parts needed to enhance uptime.        
  • Optional auxiliary relay powers on and turns off CB radios and other attachments without you taking your hands off the joysticks.
  • Enhance visibility to make service work easier and safer with optional inspection lighting.
  • Make the jobsite safer with an optional swing alarm.
  • Build Number: 07B

Superior Performance

  • The Cat® C7 engine is fuel efficient and can run on biodiesel and other renewable fuels.
  • Smart mode helps reduce fuel consumption by automatically matching engine and hydraulic power to working conditions.
  • Pick and place logs with precision and power with the all-new electrohydraulic control system.
  • Heavy lift mode and 10 percent more swing torque* help you move big logs with confidence.
  • Get to work faster with a 12 percent increase in travel speed*.
  • Auxiliary hydraulic options let you use Cat grapples and a variety of other attachments.
  • Work in extreme environments with standard high-ambient capability of 48° C (118° F) and cold start capability of -32° C (-25° F).

*All percentages compared to 2020 model year 538.

Unmatched Operator Comfort

  • Forestry cab comes in a choice of rear or side entry with tilt-up console plus 25 percent more space*.
  • Enjoy the all-new Certified Forestry cab’s 25 percent larger space.
  • New dual HVAC system keeps operators comfortable in either cold or warm weather.
  • A wider heated and cooled air-suspension seat makes year-round work more pleasant.
  • All controls are in front of you within easy reach to reduce twisting and turning and keep you focused on the work area.
  • Cab risers — 165 mm (6’1/2”) fixed or 1219 mm (48”) hydraulic tilt — are available to meet your work needs.
  • Special roof lining and window and door sealing reduce noise, making the interior as quiet as today’s top work trucks.
  • Stow your gear with in-cab storage beneath and behind the seat and in the consoles.
  • Use the standard radio’s USB ports and Bluetooth® technology to connect personal devices and make hands-free calls.

Simple Operation

  • Start the engine with a push button or use a Bluetooth key fob or the unique Operator ID function.
  • The engine’s regeneration system functions automatically with no operator input or interruption to work.
  • Navigate easily on the high-resolution touchscreen monitor.
  • The available Cat PL161 Attachment Locator helps you find tools you need up to a range of 60 m(200') — even if it’s hidden beneath overgrowth or debris.
  • Make moving the excavator much easier with Cat Stick Steer. Simply push a button and use one hand to travel and turn instead of both hands or feet on levers or pedals.
  • Make operating easier with the touch of a joystick button. An auxiliary relay allows you to power on or turn off a CB radio or other attachments without taking your hands off the joysticks.
  • Not sure how a function works or how to maintain the machine? Always have the operator’s manual at your fingertips in the touchscreen monitor.

Versatile Configurations

  • General Forestry configuration is available with boom, stick, and hydraulic options so you can equip it for road building, grapple work, or processing.
  • Log Loader configuration is ideal for shovel logging, Butt-n-Top loading, power clam applications, and millyard work.
  • Rugged, reliable, simple-to-service Cat forestry grapples range in size from 1322 mm (52”)to 1524 mm (60”).
  • Special Tri Link shoes are available for lower ground pressure and extra flotation in soft, wet underfoot conditions.

Easy Maintenance

  • Boost productivity with proactive service reminders. Our new integrated vehicle health management system alerts the operator with step-by-step service guidance along with parts needed so you don't experience any unnecessary downtime.
  • Expect up to 15 percent less maintenance cost than previous model. (Savings calculated over 12,000 machine hours.)
  • The diesel particulate filter requires no maintenance.
  • Replace fuel filters at 1,000 hours – twice the interval from the previous filters.
  • Get improved filtration and longer 3,000 service life with the new hydraulic oil return filter – 50 percent longer service than previous filter designs.
  • The high-efficiency cooling fan runs only when needed; program intervals so the fan automatically reverses to keep cores clean without interrupting your work.
  • S·O·SSM ports simplify maintenance and allow for quick, easy extraction of fluid samples for analysis.

Enhanced Safety

  • The cab meets the following standards: ROPS/FOPS/OPS/TOPS, ISO 8082-2:2011, ISO 8083:2006 11,600J,ISO 10262:1998 Level II, ISO 8084:2003,SAE J1356 2022, WCB G603 2021, and OR-OSHA 437-007-775(14).
  • Access most routine maintenance points at ground level.
  • New right-hand steps provide easy, safe, and quick access to upper service platform; the steps and service platform use anti-skid punch plate to prevent slipping.
  • Larger 32 mm (11/4” ) polycarbonate front window, smaller cab pillars, and a flat engine hood improve visibility by 50 percent.
  • Standard rearview camera enhances jobsite visibility; sideview cameras are optional.
  • The monitor’s slope and grade indicator tells you the machine's position to help optimize its performance.
  • Enhance jobsite safety. Add a swing alarm to alert people when you're rotating from trench to stockpile and back again.

Standard Equipment:

Optional Equipment:

    Booms And Sticks
    • 5.7 m (18'8") Reach boom - General Forestry
    • 5.9 m (19'6") Straight boom - Log Loader
    • 2.9 m (9'6") Reach thumb-ready stick
    • 3.5 m (11'6") under/under stick
    • 3.8 m (12'6") over/under stick
    • 3.8 m (12'6") power clam stick
    • Rear entry
    • Side entry
    • 165 mm (6.5") fixed riser
    • 1219 mm (48") tilting riser
    • Cat Stick Steer
    • Auxiliary relay
    Electrical System
    • Premium lighting - General Forestry - 6 additional LED lights
    • Premium lighting - Log Loader - 10 additional LED lights
    • Cold start package with block heaters and ether assist
    Hydraulic System
    • Medium pressure circuit
    Safety And Security
    • Right-hand sideview camera
    • Easy lock cab tilting system
    • Cab riser light
    • Inspection lighting
    • Swing alarm
    Service And Maintenance
    • Integrated vehicle health management system
    Undercarriage And Structures
    • 900 mm (36") triple grouser Tri Link shoes
    • 800 mm (31") triple grouser shoes
    • 700 mm (28") double grouser shoes
    • 600 mm (24") double and single grouser shoes