Pin Grabber Coupler – Trenching Profile (CB-Linkage): 389-7526

Pin Grabber Coupler – Trenching Profile (CB-Linkage): 389-7526



Width - Machine Interface
Lifting Eye Working Load Limit
15ton (US)
Width - Attachment Interface

Job Site Confidence

You can be confident attachments are connected properly, from engagement, while working to disengagement. From the operator's seat, visual and audible indicators help assure attachment is coupled. Your Cat excavator hydraulics, mechanisms inside the coupler, and digging forces all work together to assure the attachment stays engaged. The Cat Pin Grabber Coupler meets or exceeds applicable safety standards allowing you to work anywhere in the world: EN 474-1:2006 +A4:2014, ISO/DIS 13031.2:2014, Australian Standard AS4772-2008, WorkCover NSW Position Paper WC01158: “Supplying, installing and using semi-automatic quick hitches on excavators or backhoes”.

Save Backfill Time & Material

Save time and extra costs associated with backfilling miles of trenches that are wider than necessary. Couplers narrower than the standard feature narrow pin bosses and shorter stick and link pins. This keeps the widest part of the coupler inside the digging width of your trenching buckets.

Payload & Power

This coupler is weighted right to allow big bucket payloads. Coupler is sized right to maintain excellent breakout force and digging power.

Do More with Your Equipment

Handle material, compact soil, break rocks, and so much more. Take on new jobs. Expand your new business opportunities.

Make Your Fleet More Productive

One excavator can share a variety of attachments with similar size excavators. Managing your assets just got a little easier.

Get Back to Work

Operator changes attachments in seconds, not minutes. You get back to work sooner, for less down time.

Easy to Use

The Cat Pin Grabber Coupler is easy to activate, easy to engage, easy to disengage. Operating procedures are simple and easy to learn. It's the easiest way to improve productivity on every job site.

Standard Equipment: